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    Totalizer tutorial

    Totalizer tutorial While a meter measures the rate of flow at any given moment, a mass flow totalizer measures the total accumulated mass of a particular gas (or gas mixture) that has been flowed in a process. The totalizer function can also be used with a mass flow controller to dispense batches of set amounts […]

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    Gas Select™ and Composer™ tutorial

    Gas Select™ and Composer™ tutorial Alicat mass flow devices come preloaded with 98-130 gases that are selectable using Gas Select™. Composer™ firmware additionally allows the user to create and store up to 20 custom gas mixes. See below for instructions how to use Gas Select™ and Composer™. Video tutorial Step-by-step instructions Gas Select™ (front panel) […]

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    Zero band (deadband) tutorial

    Zero band (deadband) tutorial Alicat mass flow devices measure flow using differential pressure, making them very sensitive. Because of this, factors such as the air conditioning in the room may lead to small fluctuations in device readings. If you notice that your device is fluctuating around very low flow rates, you can use the zero […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Flow and pressure averaging tutorial

    Flow and pressure averaging tutorial Most Alicat devices have sensor response times <1 ms, making measurements susceptible to noise. This tutorial details how to change flow and pressure averaging to average out noise in readings. Video tutorial Step-by-step instructions (front panel) Pressure averaging Press the bottom right button for “MENU” selection. Press the bottom middle […]

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    Taring/auto-taring tutorial

    Taring/auto-taring tutorial Setting the tare takes a sensor signal and sets it as zero in flow or pressure. A zero setpoint results in closing of the valve (on controllers) and creates a known “no flow” condition. Many measurement devices need to periodically have tare set to remove errors due to drift. Improperly setting tare (when […]

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