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    Control deadband tutorial

    Control deadband tutorial The dual valve PCD-Series maintains fast, precise closed system pressure control with minimal gas waste. This stable control is primarily due to a well-balanced PD2I algorithm. However, changing ambient conditions can still cause oscillation loops. Controller deadband creates a ± band of change around the chosen setpoint, minimizing oscillation loops in dual valve […]

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    Control loop variable tutorial: Changing between mass flow, volumetric flow, or pressure control

    Control loop variable tutorial: Changing between mass flow, volumetric flow, or pressure control An Alicat mass flow controller is usually set up to control mass flow rate, but it can instead be set to control pressure or volumetric flow rate. See below for instructions on how to change the control variable. Video tutorial Step-by-step instructions […]

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    Setpoints/setpoint limits tutorial

    Setpoints/Setpoint Limits Tutorial Alicat controllers can accept a setpoint from an integrated display, a serial command, or an analog signal. See below for instructions on how to select a setpoint source, establish a setpoint, and choose setpoint limits to avoid accidental tampering with a process – all via the front display, available with most Alicat […]

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    Setpoint ramping tutorial

    Setpoint Ramping Tutorial Alicat controllers come equipped with a setpoint ramping feature that allows them to ramp up and/or down to changes in setpoint, commonly used to ensure safety. With setpoint ramping, you can set a maximum speed at which a mass flow or pressure controller flows until the setpoint is achieved. Setpoint ramping can […]

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    Batch function tutorial

    Batch function tutorial If you have a controller with the totalizer feature, you have the ability to set a batch fill. This allows you to set a specific total volume and a setpoint at the same time. Whether controlling flow or pressure, the device will hit the setpoint and automatically stop flow once the given […]

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    PID tuning (PD/PDF and PD2I) tutorial

    PID tuning is a type of valve tuning that adjusts how the valve(s) on your Alicat flow or pressure controller responds to the setpoints that you command.

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