Category: Device configurations

  • CSA/ATEX certification for hazardous areas FAQ

    CSA/ATEX certification for hazardous areas FAQ Alicat devices are available with CSA/ATEX certifications for use in hazardous areas. This article covers the details of these certifications, including compatible device configurations. Alicat’s CSA/ATEX classification Alicat instruments can be built with the following dual CSA/ATEX classification: Devices available with CSA/ATEX certification CSA/ATEX certifications are available with the […]

  • Internal barometer (-IB sensor) FAQ

    Internal barometer (-IB sensor) FAQ Alicat mass flow and absolute pressure devices can be equipped with a barometer (-IB sensor) that provides barometric and gauge pressure information. Please contact us at 888-290-6060 or with any questions.

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