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  • Connecting a CODA to FlowVision 2.0™ tutorial

    Connecting a CODA to FlowVision 2.0™ tutorial In this article, we explain how to connect a CODA meter or controller to Alicat’s graphical user interface program FlowVision 2.0™. This program enables users to easily collect and analyze data from Alicat’s mass flow and pressure devices. Connecting a CODA meter to FlowVision 2.0™ Each package comes […]

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    IP address configuration tutorial

    IP address configuration tutorial An Alicat device with Ethernet-based protocols has an IP address to distinguish it from other devices on the network. This can be set either as a static address, or an address determined by a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server. The front panel accessibility for this feature makes it possible to […]

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    Download and edit register settings and factory restore

    Download and Edit Registers and Factory Restore Tutorial Alicat devices with displays can display registers, but can also been displayed and changed with a computer. With 8v or newer firmware versions, registers can now also be edited from the main screen. This can help to easily reconfigure a device in the field. This article explains […]

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    Unit ID/baud rate tutorial

    Here are instructions on how to change the Unit ID and Baud Rate on your Alicat device.

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    Python and command prompt communication instructions

    Python and command prompt communication instructions Setup Alicat Python and Python-driven command prompt (Windows Powershell) drivers have been developed principally by Pat Fuller at NuMat Technologies. Download the drivers from In order to run the command prompt/Powershell driver, Python will first have to be installed on the computer. Install the latest stable Python […]

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    Serial communication tutorial

    Serial communication tutorial Most Alicat instruments equipped with RS-232 or RS-485 serial communications can be communicated with via ASCII commands. The tabs below cover the basics of Alicat’s serial data frame and serial commands. For more details, download the complete Serial Communications Primer. Note: You can download Alicat’s Serial Terminal Application for command line access […]

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    Configuring PuTTY for use with Alicat instruments

    Learn how to configure PuTTY to communicate serially with your Alicat flow or pressure instrument.

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