Category: Troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Troubleshooting an Alicat device

    Troubleshooting an Alicat device When your Alicat instrument isn’t working as expected, we want to help identify and resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Fortunately, most problems can be fixed without having to return the device to the factory. This article covers common issues with Alicat devices and outlines solutions. Resolving error codes When […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Bleeding your liquid device tutorial

    Bleeding your liquid device tutorial Alicat differential pressure based liquid flow meters and controllers should only be used to flow liquids. Sometimes, however, a liquid contains trapped air or gas bubbles. It is critical that the device only measures the pressure of the gas-free liquid flowing through the device (no bubbles), or readings will be […]

  • Correcting flow data after choosing the wrong gas in Gas Select™

    Correcting flow data after choosing the wrong gas in Gas Select™ Selecting the correct pre-loaded gas calibration is an important step in obtaining accurate mass flow data when using Alicat’s laminar DP mass flow meters and controllers. If you do notice you have been collecting data with the wrong gas selected, there is no need […]

  • Liquid in a gas flow instrument FAQ

    Gas flow controllers and meters are designed to flow only gases, but accidental liquid ingress into a gas flow device can happen in most environments. Depending on the specific flow devices at hand, liquid ingress may be a minor inconvenience, or may result in requiring a whole new set of devices. Here, we explain what […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Cleaning an Alicat tutorial

    Cleaning the outside of your device To clean the outside of your device, use a gentle electronics cleaner and a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains or residues, apply isopropyl alcohol to the cloth. The video below demonstrates how to clean the outside of your device. Cleaning the inside of your device Sometimes the inside of […]

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