Alicat products are in use throughout the world in a broad range of industrial and research applications. You can find our instruments measuring methane emissions at farms, controlling weld gases in production facilities, providing data for atmospheric research at 30,000 feet and installed to provide pressure control on a prototype planetary rover.

Browse the following Application Notes for overviews of systems integrating Alicat products.

Application Assistance Form

Having trouble deciding if our products are right for your application? We can help. Our engineers are highly skilled in a variety of disciplines (optics, astrophysics, metrology, materials and mechanical engineering) and possess extensive industry experience. Whether your application is straightforward and clear, or complex and new, we can provide creative problem solving from a variety of perspectives and two decades of in-house experience. Use the Application Assistance Form to tell us about your application and an Alicat representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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