Reducing fluid control cost, complexity and inventory with Alicat MFCs

Controlling multiple pressures and managing differing gases can be critical to getting the data you need but multiple variables often means multiple instruments, adding complication and cost to your system. With one Alicat mass flow controller, you have the ability to simplify process controls—limiting error points—while increasing parameters monitored, and therefore saving you money on your next MFC installation.

Fewer Controllers for Large Flow Ranges

Let’s say you have to control flow over a large range, like 10 SLPM to 1000 SLPM. Most flow control solutions require two or more units to achieve accurate control over this range. Standard Alicat mass flow meters and controllers have a 200:1 turndown ratio. That means that where you normally deploy two MFCs to accomplish high and low range control in a system you might be able to replace those two MFCs with one Alicat MFC. With the turndown ratio of 200:1, a 1000SLPM Alicat MFC can control a range of 1000SLPM down to 5 SLPM. By eliminating a second controller, you reduce programming, and plumbing complexity—and most likely, you save money in the purchase.

Repurpose and Save Costs

With Alicat MFCs, each unit comes preprogrammed with 98 standard gases and gas mixtures, meaning if you need to service a controller, you don’t need an inventory of MFCs for each gas type, you can just keep one Alicat on hand. All you have to do is select the correct gas from the list and you’re good to go. No K factors to deploy, and no extra units to accommodate different viscosity gases—your mass flow rate stays accurate.

Process Insights from Multivariate Data

Alicat MFCs measure and report pressure, temperature, volumetric flow and mass flow. Having all of this information may allow you to eliminate one or two other instruments in your process and thereby reduce your overall instrumentation purchase costs even further. A side benefit to eliminating additional instruments is fewer leak points. And because Alicat MFCs use differential pressure measurement to obtain a mass flow rate, our MFCs can be set to control on pressure and still read mass flow. A single Alicat MFC can replace instrument duplication, providing you with a simpler, cost effective way to meet all your MFC needs.

All the ways

Alicat mass flow controllers simplify your setup while reducing overall instrumentation costs in your system because:

  • The 200:1 turndown ratio gives you a wider measurable control range.
  • One instrument can be repurposed to many gases.
  • Multivariate parameter measurements to obtain temperature, volumetric, mass, and pressure data.
  • Fewer instruments mean a lower cost of ownership cost over the life of the process.

Contact Alicat to build your simple, most effective and cost-saving fluid control process.

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