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Multi-Directional Gas Flow Controllers

Sometimes a process is too complex for a standard mass flow controller. Alicat’s multi-directional mass flow controllers consolidate into one instrument what would otherwise require two or three separate devices.

When you need to control flow in two directions, choose the world’s first bidirectional mass flow controller, Alicat’s MCD-Series. This versatile instrument can control flow into a closed volume and then control flow in the other direction to exhaust the volume. Or, you can use vacuum to control your process flow in one direction and then apply positive pressure to purge the line in the other direction.

The MCDW-Series applies our Whisper™ technology with low pressure drop to bidirectional applications like breathing simulations.

Choose the MCT-Series if you want to control flow in only one direction, but you need to switch the sources of flow or its destinations downstream. Dual valves located upstream, downstream or in both locations help you manage your flowing processes more efficiently.

Multi-directional Gas Flow Controller Series

MCD-Series: Bidirectional Gas Mass Flow Controllers
MCDW-Series: Low Pressure Drop Bidirectional Gas Mass Flow Controllers
MCT-Series: Stream Switching Gas Mass Flow Controllers

Automated Leak Testing with Bidirectional Flow Control (MCD)

Pressurize the device under test while monitoring flow rates, and then release the pressure at the end of the test.

Testing and Characterization of a Pressure Relief Valve (MCD)

Run a constant flow rate to increase pressure against the relief valve, and then reverse flow to reset the test.

Bidirectional Flow vs Pressure Characterization for Respiratory Devices (MCDW)

Mimic human respiration with bidirectional flow control into and out of a respiratory device at flow rates consistent with the range of breathing.

Bidirectional Flow Control for Remote Air Sampling and Calibration (MCDW)

Sample ambient air with a vacuum pump in one direction, and then periodically calibrate your gas analyzer with positive pressure in the other direction.

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