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Alicat meter and controller

Alicat Scientific’s line of mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers are the fastest in the world. With response times as low as 4 milliseconds, expedited delivery and immediate access to application engineers, Alicat will help you find the right solution, fast. All of our instruments come with NIST traceable calibration sheets and a lifetime warranty. Come learn why our products are the best choice for laboratory and industrial applications.

Alicat instruments are in operation around the world in industries such as automotive manufacturing, fuel cell development, environmental testing, leak detection, spray drying, tank blanketing, atmospheric testing, fiber optics, calibration houses and process gas metering.

Our products

Alicat mass flow meters and controllersMass flow meters and controllers

Our pressure based mass flow instruments give simultaneous readings of mass flow, volume, temperature and line pressure, all on our built in display, as well as with digital or analog outputs.

Alicat liquid flow controllersLiquid flow meters and controllers

Our analog and digital liquid flow meter and liquid flow controller lines are designed with laboratory and process automation in mind. And our lifetime warranty helps with your piece of mind.

Alicat pressure controllersPressure controllers

Our analog and digital pressure controllers will give you near immediate control of your pressure or vacuum application. Our unique venting controllers will maintain your desired pressure without the loss of expensive process gases.

What’s New at Alicat?

  • New Gas Select COMPOSER™, personalized gas compositions for the most accurate gas measurement. The day of disposable flow instruments is over!
  • Whisper Series ultra low differential pressure mass flow meters and controllers for applications that have minimal available pressure.

Visit Alicat in 2014

Come by our booth at these trade shows.

  • Eastern Analytical Symposium
    Somerset, NJ, Nov 17-19
  • Materials Research Society
    Boston, Dec 2-4

What our customers are saying

Dave Davis handling of the quoting process was exceptional, it is good that you have such technical expertise available on the other end of the line.

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