Alicat Scientific makes the world’s fastest mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. With 5 ms response times, expedited delivery and immediate access to applications engineers, Alicat will help you find the right solution…fast. All of our instruments include NIST-traceable calibration and the industry’s only lifetime warranty. Come learn why our products are the best choice for both laboratory and industrial applications.

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
Achieve stable, responsive control of process flow rates and pressures with real-time readings of mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and pressure. Portable flow calibrators provide instant verification of flow rates.
Liquid Flow Meters and Controllers
Monitor and control liquid flows with industry-leading response times that can keep up with even the fastest of dosing and dispensing applications. Available with simultaneous line pressure readings.
Pressure Controllers and Gauges
Control the absolute, gauge or differential pressure of your flowing, dead-ended or vacuum applications in real time. Dual-valve controllers eliminate the continuous outgassing of expensive process gases.


Latest Customer Reviews

  • As usual, it is working wonderfully. The customer was dumbfounded on how quick the unit snaps to setpoint and holds.–A Gas Mixing Customer

  • I’ve had to work with Alicat staff several times, and I cannot believe how much effort your guys put into helping us out. Out of every vendor and company we’ve ever worked into in the prototyping industry, Alicat has always been a positive experience. I don’t know how your staff stays so positive knowing that they live in Arizona.–A Prototyping Customer

  • No complaints here, you guys did everything you said you would – when you said you would. And the unit is the star of the lab.–An Industrial Manufacturing Customer

  • I have been using Alicat Flow Meters, Pressure Meters and Pressure Controllers since 2006, so far I am happy with the product and the service from you guys, I feel that I am buying more than the instrument itself, I feel more like I am buying a working solution, even though this might sound cliché, is how I see Alicat, good job!!–An Appliance Manufacturing Customer

  • Thanks for such a quick response on this. I have to say you have exceeded my timing expectation; I have yet to receive a single call back from your competitors. We will keep you in mind for future flow projects.–An Automotive Manufacturing Customer

  • Just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of Alicat’s pressure and flow controllers and flow meters as well. They have solved many testing problems for me over the years. Great products you are marketing!–A Plastics Manufacturing Customer

  • I’ve been really happy with the flowmeter so far. I’ve used it a few times in the field to calibrate and verify flows on TEOMs and BAMs. So far, it responds quickly and has given us accurate flows. It’s particularly handy at a monitoring site I run on a rooftop, because I can read the screen from ground level. That means I can look at different flow rates without having to keep climbing up and down the ladder.–An Ambient Air Monitoring Customer

  • I wanted to tell you that I have had a wonderful experience with your company. Your customer service team is great, I got answers back quickly, and overall I am very satisfied. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! You get an A++ for me!–An Electronics Manufacturing Customer

  • We like your fast turn on orders.–A Biotechnology Customer

  • Alicat mass air flow meters have proven to be accurate, so accurate that we use them to calibrate other instruments.
    Another advantage over others we have used is how steady the read out is; what a difference this makes when one is trying to record values!–A Spray Painting Customer

  • Please thank Jesse for his help getting the custom order in place and processed for timely delivery. I can honestly say that we are very pleased with the MFCs, flow meters, and pressure controllers from Alicat that we already have on site; we have a few from other Mfrs but definitely prefer the ease of use, options available and excellent performance in the units from Alicat.
    –A Bioreactor Customer

  • I choose Alicat because of your excellent delivery time and low cost. You also have a good reputation among users.–An HVAC Customer

  • I was lucky enough to get my hands on (quite literally) a Whisper in Atlanta, Ga during the NAAMC conference this year. As I was looking it over and talking with the nice folks at the booth I had a vision of myself doing a flow verification on my API calibrator in minutes and not hours. I took a flyer and presented it to my boss again and again and again. We just bought a higher flow unit so I can calibrate all the MFC’s in our calibrators and our orifices for particulate work. I’m excited!
    –An Air Particulate Monitoring Customer

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