Alicat Scientific makes the world's fastest mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. With response times as low as 5 ms, expedited delivery and immediate access to applications engineers, Alicat will help you find the right All of our instruments include NIST-traceable calibration and the industry's only lifetime warranty. Come learn why our products are the best choice for both laboratory and industrial applications.

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
Achieve stable, responsive control of process flow rates and pressures with real-time readings of mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and pressure. Portable flow calibrators provide instant verification of flow rates.

Liquid Flow Meters and Controllers
Monitor and control liquid flows with industry-leading response times that can keep up with even the fastest of dosing and dispensing applications. Available with simultaneous line pressure readings.

Pressure Controllers and Gauges
Control the absolute, gauge or differential pressure of your flowing, dead-ended or vacuum applications in real time. Dual-valve controllers eliminate the continuous outgassing of expensive process gases.


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