Mass flow meters and controllers are used to address a wide variety of environmental challenges. At Alicat, we have worked with industry leaders to design accurate, reliable, and portable NIST traceable standards and OEM flow controllers for environmental applications.

For air quality monitoring industry we have developed high accuracy flow calibrators for air quality samplers, gas analyzers, and canisters. Our devices can also be found in water treatment processes and being used for climate change research

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FP-25 mass flow meter

Air Quality

Air quality is directly linked to the health and safety of our communities. Air quality samplers are used monitor particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5), criteria gas pollutants and pesticides to reduce community health risk.

Air samplers require regular calibration and audits to ensure good data. Alicat produces portable flow calibrators that are fast, accurate and reliable. Make audits, calibrations, and leak checks easier with our specialized calibration kit. Our NIST traceable flow meters and controllers are also available for integration into your OEM instruments.

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Water Treatment

Capture and process of drinkable, industrial and municipal water resources, all require accurate flow control for metering, dosing and mass flow of air and other gases.

Alicat devices are integrated into: primary clarifier odor & corrosion control systems, ammonia gas / chlorine injection used in potable water treatment in the creation of chloramines and others.

Our differential pressure devices prevent costly replacement issues from backflow events with thermal devices.

Climate Change Research

As our environment changes, scientific experiments revealing what humans can expect for the near and distant future are becoming more important.

Alicat partners with universities and scientists who are investigating the impacts of stressed environments. We have recently partnered with the University of Arizona Biosphere on a project to determine the effects of drought on tropical rainforests.

Watch this space for more information as these experiments evolve.

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