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Mass flow calibration standards

Proper calibration of mass flow instrumentation is critical to ensure the accuracy of the resulting flow measurements. Older mass flow calibration techniques rely on slow, expensive mechanical methods. Alicat’s differential pressure based mass flow technology provides fast, proven, multi-gas capability for a wide range of mass flow calibration requirements.

Alicat offers calibration solutions suitable for calibration and validation of the most demanding applications, including gas chromatography, medical devices, personal protective equipment, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our calibration standards are NIST-Traceable and are available with Alicat’s Calibrate or FlowVision 20/20™ Command & Control Software. Whether it’s the most accurate standards for your calibration laboratory, or rugged, portable units for the field, Alicat has you covered.

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Mass flow calibration where you need it

A Practical Guide to Mass Flow Calibration Success

This is an introductory guide to flow calibration success. It includes annual recalibration FAQ, calibration types, understanding calibration specifications, and relevant articles on the topic.

A Practical Guide to Mass Flow Calibration Success
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PCU–Mass Flow Portable Calibration Unit

Alicat’s PCU provides portable flow verification quickly in a wide range of environments. These units handle flow ranges that a single calibration standard cannot (up to a dynamic range of 1,000,000:1 and Gas Select) in a rugged, reliable package. With NIST-traceable calibrations, and 0.4% of reading accuracy + 0.2% of full scale for typical configurations, one PCU can do the work required by multiple typical verification devices. All PCUs include Alicat’s FlowVision 20/20™ Command & Control Software and an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Alicat MM flow standard

Mass Flow Calibration Laboratory Standards

Alicat provides mass flow calibration where you need it, with the accuracy modern process controls require. Alicat’s high end flow calibration standards provide fast mass flow calibration with our best available accuracy and NIST-traceability. Built for demanding calibration laboratories, these mass flow calibration transfer standards work fast and include Alicat’s Calibrate software package.

With Calibrate you can choose the points you need and automate your workflow. Unlike other mass flow standards, each MM or MCM is built for your laboratory and precise calibration needs. Alicat’s differential pressure based mass flow calibration standards improve the accuracy and throughput of your mass flow calibration at a fraction of the time and cost of other technologies.


MB/MWB–Portable Mass Flow Meters

The Alicat MB series provides flow verification in the most compact package available. The MB series uses Alicat’s differential pressure based measuring technology to provide multi-gas calibration, near-instant response, and virtually no warm-up time. Recently updated with our newest electronics and sensor package, the Alicat MB high accuracy provides an accuracy of 0.5% or reading or 0.1% of full scale on most instruments. One unit can also cover a wide 10,000:1 measurement range and display data via an available color screen or Micro-USB connection. All of this in a lightweight package designed to be hand-carried (and drop resistant). And for calibration at near-atmospheric pressures or when there is little available system pressure, our “Whisper” series (MWB) of portable flow meters are the ideal calibration instrument.

ALICAT Portable mass flow meter, with available TFT displayw2
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