Alicat Connect app – use your smartphone to control your device

Use our free mobile app, Alicat Connect, to command and control Alicat devices from your mobile phone or tablet. Alicat Connect follows in the footsteps of FlowVision 2.0 to provide the level of versatility and customization our users expect from our desktop software – without all the wires.

The Alicat Connect app can be used with any Alicat device with Bluetooth:

All Bluetooth-enable devices are also compatible with FlowVision 2.0.


The Alicat Connect app is compatible with all modern Apple phones and tablets running iOS 9 or newer, and Android phones and tablets running Android 5 or later.



Alicat Connect version 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up with a completely new UI. New improvements include real-time chart visualization, offline playback of recorded data, and a fully-fledged Terminal.

Powerful data collection and processing

  • Change gas/fluid selection, units of measurement, flow/pressure averaging, and STP values
  • Terminal utility with raw input/output to the device
  • Background processing
  • Demo mode allows you to use most app features with a simulated Alicat device

Alicat Connect app screenshots

Easy to visualize, sync, and share data

  • Chart visualization from logged data, save single frames, retroactively record collected data, and playback recorded data
  • Adjust chart frame size and series colors
  • Per-statistic multiple Y-axis support
  • Tilt charts for maximized display
  • iOS version compatible with AirDrop, iCloud, iMessage, MS Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Android version compatible with Google Drive, Android Beam, Nearby Share, MS Teams, Dropbox, Pushbullet

Responsive, user friendly UI

  • Dark theme
  • Daylight-awareness
  • Low-power black
  • DPI-awareness
  • Natural gesture control
  • Keep-awake screen option
  • Adaptive icons (Android only) that support whatever icon shape your launcher does

Need help?

Access our self-help and live support resources without leaving the app, or contact an applications engineer for further support.

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