Energy & Utilities

Technology in the energy and utilities sector continues to evolve to meet increasing global demand and associated challenges. Alicat provides flow meters and controllers for a variety of applications within this industry. These instruments are used for natural gas monitoring, fuel cell research, and wastewater treatment.

Fuel Cell Research

Using hydrogen gas for energy is not a novel concept. However, improving the efficiency of hydrogen based energy production has been a continued endeavor. The hydrogen fuel cell is considered a viable alternative to using the combustion of petroleum products for energy.

Fuel cell testing is essential to furthering development. Pressure, temperature, and flow rates are all critical variables that are monitored during hydrogen fuel cell testing. Malfunctions in ancillary equipment can cause severe damage to a device under test (DUT), which is why reliable flow and pressure control is so important. The high turndown of our product lines makes testing a variety of fuel cell sizes on one test stand possible.


Our dual valve pressure controllers are used to make automatic adjustments to line pressures during fuel cell membrane tests.


Alicat flow controllers are used to ensure fast and precise temperature regulation of solid oxide fuel cells during testing.


Natural Gas and Methane Monitoring

The oil and gas industry requires emission measurement solutions that are fast, easy, and accurate. Green House Gas (GHG) monitoring regulations are moving from estimations to real time flow measurement to capture both total volumes and flow rates of gases/vapors (like methane) released to atmosphere.


Alicat makes flow measurement instruments that are designed specifically to measure methane emissions from surface casing and pneumatic vent flows, compressor seal leaks, storage tanks releases, and glycol dehydrators emissions. These highly accurate meters make field audits easy and fast. Data logging options are available.


Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment

Capture and process of drinkable, industrial and municipal water resources, all require accurate flow control for metering, dosing and mass flow of air and other gases.

Alicat devices are integrated into: primary clarifier odor & corrosion control systems, ammonia gas / chlorine injection used in potable water treatment in the creation of chloramines and others.

Our differential pressure devices prevent costly replacement issues from backflow events with thermal devices.

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