Custom Part Number Decoder

Because Alicat instruments are so highly customized, our part numbers get quite long and confusing. Customers often want to reorder a similar instrument or to find out what options are included in a particular one so they can repurpose it. The part number, printed on the silver manufacturer’s label on flow body of your Alicat instrument can tell you a remarkably large amount about what the factory settings were when we shipped it.

Senior Applications Engineer Mike Owen has put together a very concise way of decoding the settings and options embedded in your part number. It’s a one-page PDF you can find in our site navigation menus under accessories or support. Just look for the “Part Number Decoder” link.

An unexpected benefit of the decoder is that you can use it as a quick reference on whether or not we offer an option as a standard addition. If you don’t see the option you need, you should still contact us, because custom engineering solutions are a big part of what we do, every day.

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