Category: Instrument References

  • Engineering units

    Alicat engineering units Most Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments have user-selectable engineering units. Below is a list of all engineering units for pressure, flow, and temperature.

  • Part number decoder

    Alicat part number decoder There are many ways to customize your Alicat. We’ve compiled the listings below to help you decipher the various elements of your Alicat part number. Standard Laminar DP Mass Flow and Pressure Instruments Most Alicat part numbers consist of a top-level part number and a group of adder codes. Top-level part […]

  • Gas Select™ gas list

    Gas Select™ gas list for Alicat mass flow instruments Alicat laminar DP gas mass flow meters and controllers are equipped with Gas Select, an onboard library with 98-130 gases. Any of the pre-loaded gases may also be used to generate and store up to 20 mixed gas calibrations using Composer. Using one instrument, users may […]

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