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Our approach: Make it simple for you to integrate the instruments you need into your experiments, systems, and facilities

The goal: support & enable scientific discoveries and technological developments

Alicat pioneered differential pressure laminar flow technology over 30 years ago. It offered key technological improvements which are still highly advantageous today. Since then, we’ve fine tuned our technology and launched devices which are designed to fit for you, whatever your setup may be.

Advantages of differential pressure-based mass flow & pressure measurement

Unlike thermal mass flow meters, differential pressure meters aren’t ruined when they get wet. You can clean and dry them in the field, no recalibration necessary. Differential pressure meters require no warmup time and have millisecond response times, so you can use them immediately on setup.


Unlike rotameters, differential pressure meters can be automated and integrated with your control system or computer. This gives you a much higher degree of control and precision than would be possible from a manual meter.


Devices designed to integrate with your application

Alicat devices are ready to go to work immediately out of the box.

They come preconfigured for your gas or gas mix, flow range, and pressure conditions – and these conditions are all field-adjustable as well.

Rely on the engineers at Alicat

Custom engineering and prototyping made easy with our in-house machine shop.

Our engineering team can’t wait to get into the nitty gritty of your project and design the perfect mass flow and pressure solutions.

How it works

When you get in touch with us by chat, email, or phone, you’ll speak directly with one of our expert applications engineers. You provide your specs & goals, and we’ll work with you to spec out the flow and pressure solution that will perfectly meet your application needs.

We’ll discuss whether you need options like an internal barometer, a flow totalizer or alarm, or batch control, and get you a quote within a day.

When you have questions, get in touch – we aim to answer the phone by the third ring, answer chats within 1 minute, and respond to emails within an hour.

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