Flow Vision Software

Alicat’s Flow Vision software for flow and pressure control provides intuitive interfaces for getting the most out of your device when connected to a computer. Choose Flow Vision SC to gain control of up to 26 Alicat instruments at a time, complete with scripting and logging capabilities. Choose Flow Vision MX for simple gas mixing applications for up to 10 mass flow controllers. Both work editions work well with our multi-drop breakout boxes to simplify connections to your computer.

Flow Vision SC™ Software

Flow Vision SC manages up to 26 Alicat flow and pressure instruments at a time to help you create your own local network. The program interfaces with either RS-232 (Alicat’s default protocol) or RS-485 communications protocols. The graphical user interface (GUI) in Flow Vision SC provides:

  • automatic configuration
  • session saving for easy configuration and experiment setup reloads
  • data capturing and logging (including a graphing tool)
  • simple and advanced script building for automating meter and control command sequences
  • software alarms
  • support for multiple devices.

Flow Vision SC also provides easy access to the gas calibration selector, address assignment to individual devices and PID loop tuning. Adjustments to the PID control loop can increase speed of response and stability for your application.


Downloads and System Requirements

Flow Vision SC is available below as an immediate software download and requires a software key to function. Email us or call 520.290.6060 to request a free trial 30-day software key or to purchase the software. Flow Vision SC runs on Windows® 7 or above.
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework – Download Now
  • 18 MB hard disk space

Flow Vision Script Converter:

Flow Vision Script Converter allows you to convert older Flow Vision 3 scripts to a format recognized by Flow Vision SC.

Download Script Converter Zip file (1.2 MB)

Flow Vision MX™ Gas Mixing Software

Flow Vision MX is a low-cost option for setting up a basic gas-mixing station. It allows users to easily configure up to ten mass flow controllers. Within Flow Vision MX, you can save individual mixtures for easy loading, log your data to review mixture accuracy and performance and adjust the total mixture percentage or the percentage of a single controller or multiple controllers.

Downloads and System Requirements

Interested in getting a copy? Contact Us for more information.

Download Flow Vision MX user manual

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework – Download Now
  • 10 MB hard disk space

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