Fusion Flow Technologies: turn-key gas mixing solutions customized for industrial use

Fusion Flow Technologies: turn-key gas mixing solutions customized for industrial use

Makers of the ‘fastest mass flow controllers in the world’, Alicat Scientific, Inc. is launching Fusion Flow Technologies, a division devoted to customized, turn-key flow and pressure solutions.

Tucson, AZ – February 21, 2020

Fusion Flow Gas Mixer MXM

Fusion Flow Gas Mixer MXM

Alicat Scientific, Inc., known worldwide for its high performance gas and liquid instrumentation, is announcing the creation of a turn-key solutions division called “Fusion Flow Technologies.”

Fusion Flow Technologies fills the needs of customers who require customized all-in-one integrated systems. Fusion Flow™ solutions join the best flow and pressure control hardware with purpose-built enclosures, custom electronics, and software to support a wide variety of complex process needs. The company produces advanced ‘MXM’ gas mixing systems and ‘DXM’ gas dilution machines.

Joe Ancona, Managing Director of Fusion Flow Technologies says, “With the amount of engineering talent at Alicat, a highly capable mass flow control product, and a constant stream of integrated solutions requests, Fusion Flow Technologies simply had to happen.”

Gas mixing was not a random choice for a turn-key solution. Since 2016, members of Alicat’s engineering team have been working closely with partners to develop the core technologies that are the foundation of the Fusion Flow gas mixing products. The solutions are used in manufacturing, food packaging, research and development, and other industrial applications.

Fusion Flow Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer, Brian Clendenin, states, “We’ve been afforded a rare opportunity to take already accomplished products from Alicat’s mass flow controller line and incorporate them as elemental pieces in more advanced, unified solutions.”

About Fusion Flow Technologies

Fusion Flow Technologies’ gas mixing systems enable users to perform gas pressure and flow control for a wide range of applications. Every system is custom-built to customer specifications.

About Alicat Scientific, Inc.

Alicat Scientific, Inc. pioneered the use of laminar differential pressure flow technology, improving on traditional differential pressure metering. The firm manufactures and develops custom flow control, flow meter, and pressure solutions for both gas and liquid applications.