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Gas Select COMPOSER™ Gas Mix Calibration Firmware

Personalized gas compositions for accurate measurement of gas mixtures.

COMPOSER™ is part of the Gas Select™ firmware found on most Alicat gas mass flow meters and controllers. With COMPOSER™, you can create custom gas mixtures using a subset of the 98-130 preloaded gas calibrations within the Gas Select™ gas list. Users may switch between selected gases and gas mixtures without any need for instrument recalibration.

  • 20 custom gas mixes: Create 20 COMPOSER™ gas mixes simultaneously on each device, each stored in the on-board gas list with your factory gas calibrations.
  • Up to 5 gases per mixture: Define gas compositions to 0.01% for each of up to 5 constituent gases.
  • NIST-traceable accuracy: COMPOSER™ software calculates the viscosity of the custom gas mixture and loads the NIST-traceable gas properties of the new mix into the flow measurement calculation, compromising measurement accuracy.
  • Easy to use: Use the menu interface to create your gas compositions, or generate gas lists for multiple units in seconds with single-line RS-232 serial commands.
Alicat Gas Select preloaded gas calibrations

Gas Select preloaded gas calibrations

Alicat's Gas Select menu

Gas Select menu

COMPOSER™ mixes are NIST-traceably accurate to 0.8% or 0.4% of reading.


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