Gas Select Composer™ Gas Mix Calibration Firmware

Use Composer™ to create and store 20 custom gas mixtures with up to 5 constituent gases from the 98-130 Gas Select™ gas list on Alicat laminar DP mass flow meters and controllers.

Measure custom gas mixes without any change in accuracy, thanks to laminar DP technology and Alicat’s extensive library of gas properties.

  • 20 custom gas mixes: Create 20 Composure™ gas mixes simultaneously on each device, each stored in the on-board gas list with your factory gas calibrations.
  • Up to 5 gases per mixture: Define gas compositions to 0.01% for each of up to 5 constituent gases from the 98-130 preloaded gas calibrations.
  • NIST-traceable accuracy: Composer™ software calculates the viscosity of the custom gas mixture and loads the NIST-traceable gas properties of the new mix into the flow measurement calculation, without compromising measurement accuracy.
  • Easy to use: Use the menu interface to create your gas compositions, or generate gas lists for multiple units in seconds with single-line RS-232 serial commands. Users may switch between selected gases and gas mixtures without any need for instrument recalibration
Alicat Gas Select preloaded gas calibrations

Gas Select preloaded gas calibrations

Alicat's Gas Select menu

Gas Select menu

COMPOSER™ mixes are NIST-traceably accurate to 0.8% or 0.4% of reading.

Composer™ mixes

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