Vacuum Coating & Chemical Vapor Deposition

Fast Instruments for Vacuum Coating and Deposition Systems

Delivery of purge and reactive gases into a vacuum coating system requires fast response and precise control.

Corrosive gases and liquid precursors used in chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes require mass flow instruments that won’t corrode over time. Alicat’s mass flow controllers employ 316L stainless steel flow sensors and FFKM elastomers to stand up to  harsh elements.

Alicat mass flow controllers and pressure controllers offer fast control response speeds and EtherCAT communications. Onboard EtherCAT makes for easy integration into industrial PLC networks.

Upstream Pressure Control for Vacuum Deposition Systems

Reduce the cost of your vacuum deposition system by replacing downstream throttle valves and PID control modules with Alicat’s IVC integrated vacuum controller. This pressure controller features an upstream control valve with an integrated capacitance diaphragm vacuum sensor to eliminate the need for costly external vacuum gauges.

Drop-In Replacements for Aging Mass Flow Controllers

Upgrading to an Alicat mass flow controller is easy. Our MCE series meets the SEMI specification for connection length, so it is drop-in compatible with many older MFCs from other manufacturers. Alicat’s MCV is a drop-in replacement for older MFCs equipped with integrated pneumatic shut-off valves.

Alicat MCV gas mass flow controller for vacuum with integrated pneumatic shut-off valve
Vacuum sputtering using Alicat MCV mass flow controllers

Fast O2 Flow Control for Reactive Sputtering

Protect the uniformity of your thin film coatings with faster control of reactive gas flow rates. Alicat’s control response time of 50 ms or less ensures that the reactive gases introduced into your reactive sputtering process are consistent and repeatable. We set the PID tuning for every flow controller based on your expected process conditions, and these settings can be modified at any time after installation if your needs change.