Process Industries

At Alicat, we are not only focused on accuracy but customizability. We give our customers the best solution for their application, whether that be in a humid, corrosive or heavily regulated environment. Every Alicat pressure, liquid or mass flow controller is completely tailored to the customer’s needs, from flow rates to communication protocols.

On the Production Line

Flame spraying, automated painting robots, and chemical manufacturing all require flow control that is absolutely stable, even in the face of pressure spikes in the gas source. Alicat’s mass flow controllers are uniquely qualified to satisfy these needs because they are faster than any others at achieving new setpoints and maintaining them.


TIG Welding

In the TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding process, a tungsten electrode is used to provide an electric arc forwelding. A sheath of inert gas surrounds the electrode, the arc and the area to be welded. This gas shielding process prevents any oxidization of the weld and allows for the production of neat, clean welds.

The shielding gas used in TIG welding can be argon, helium or a mixture. The flow from the gas supply is controlled by an MC Series Mass Flow Controller connected to the top of the tank. Popular gas blends for welding applications, such as Praxair’s Helistar A1025® and Stargon CS®, are included as selections in Alicat’s Gas Select™ feature. In addition, the instrument is highly resistant to electrical noise and other disturbances present in TIG welding environments.


Hazardous Environments

Alicat instruments are built specifically for the conditions under which they will operate and the environments where they will be used. They are used to calibrate air monitors where the weather is a factor. They are used to maintain pressure and control gas mixtures in bioreactors, where cleaning means running the risk of splashing instruments. Errant particulates, changes in ambient conditions or back flow of water may reach instrumentation. Some processes require the use of aggressive or corrosive gases.

We work directly with customers to understand the stressors that will be placed on the instrument to ensure that every Alicat is up to the challenges they may experience in the field, lab or factory.