Process Control & Manufacturing

Efficiency is a primary consideration in many manufacturing processes. Alicat mass flow controllers and pressure controllers are used as calibration standards in the manufacturing process.

Leak Checking

Leak checks go faster and require less equipment with an Alicat mass flow controller set to control pressure. Our differential pressure controller can be coupled with a mass flow meter for rapid flow characterization of pressures across a filter or membrane. A Whisper mass flow controller can serve as both a pressure controller and a mass flow meter in one device.


Diamond Manufacturing

Synthetic diamond making using CVD processCompanies today are making lab-grown diamonds more than ever before and this has not only helped in making this gem more accessible but has helped in shifting the worldview towards the humanitarian and environmental costs of natural diamond mining.

Manufacturers must carefully regulate the temperature, pressure, and gas composition of their process. Changes or fluctuations in any of these three variables impact the diamond growth rate, purity, and color. The diagrams below demonstrate the balance of gas composition and the pressure/temperature ratio that is needed for diamonds to grow.

Alicat IVC Vacuum Pressure Controllers ensure accurate and stable pressures to maintain this delicate balance. There is a dedicated team of Alicat vacuum experts that have worked with diamond producers to design instruments specifically made for the pressure regulation requirements of a CVD system.


Medical Device Manufacturing

Mass flow calibration where you need it

Alicat devices meet critical calibration standards to ensure proper operation in calibration, verification, and testing processes for medical manufacturers. The standards test benches must meet include specifications such as: repeatability, accuracy, and control response time. Alicat mass flow meters output flow rate, pressure, and temperature to confirm that the devices are meeting the desired conditions.