Category: Flow measurement applications

  • Flowing non-Newtonian fluids

    Finding the right instrument to measure or control non-Newtonian fluids can be a challenge. Some popular flow technologies like electromagnetic meters can exhibit up to a 20% deviation in accuracy when used for such fluids. Ultrasonic flow meters have also shown up to 15% deviation when used for non-Newtonian fluids transitioning between laminar and turbulent […]

  • Accurate and simplified pressure decay leak testing for single-use bioprocessing

    How do you know that your bioprocessing is free from costly leaks or integrity failures? Leak testing of single use systems can now be accomplished easily and quickly with an Alicat Scientific Whisper Series Mass Flow Meter.

  • Optimizing supercritical CO2 solid-liquid extraction with Coriolis mass flow

    CO2 is used in all kinds of industrial applications; for example, liquid CO2 is commonly used as a cooling agent and solid CO2 (dry ice) as a dairy preservative. Here, we focus on the industrial applications of supercritical CO2 (sCO2). What is sCO2? A supercritical fluid is one that exhibits both gas and liquid properties […]

  • Measuring vent and greenhouse gas emissions

    Portable gas flow meters are use multiple flow sensors to capture pressure, temperature, and flow data quickly at the source.

  • Calibrating and verifying ventilators used to treat COVID-19 patients

    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented challenges for modern medicine. Procuring and manufacturing the medical supplies needed for hospital staff to support the critically ill while protecting themselves from the disease has become a priority for governments everywhere. To meet growing demand, companies that manufacture ventilators are working hard to increase output. Due to […]

  • Calibrating in-field PM air samplers with the FP-25

    Flow measurement is critical to air monitoring processes, and quality data requires consistent airflow with minimal fluctuations. This is easy to achieve inside a lab where temperature, air pressure, and humidity are all carefully controlled. Of course, most environmental air monitoring takes place outside, where the instruments and data are at the mercy of varying […]

  • Automating liquid paint application using mass flow

    Maintaining accurate response control over the air flow is essential to paint job quality thereby reducing costs on every part painted.

  • Characterizing a filter with a pressure controller and mass flow meter

    A common application of Alicat’s mass flow and pressure devices is the characterization of a static device with pressure drop, such as a filter or static orifice. Filters and static orifices have pre-defined curves for the relationship between pressure and flow rate. A customer will most likely want to develop this curve or test a […]

  • Replacing pin gauge testing with a pressure controller and mass flow meter

    One of our customers developed a go/no-go test where he would check the diameter of a female fitting to ensure proper engagement of the male counterpart. At the time, he was using a pin gauge to measure the diameter of the test part. This setup was both slow and unreliable, so he contacted Alicat to […]

  • Fast, accurate leak testing using one flow controller

    Looking for a fast, accurate way to leak test your system? Whisper low pressure drop controllers provide a convenient, single instrument solution. A standard controller may also work, however stable leakages are best detected when the meter generates minimal pressure drop (line pressure due to frictional resistance). This makes the low pressure drop (as low […]

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