March 9, 2016

Alicat is announcing the release of a new firmware version (6v firmware). This update includes the addition of user-selectable engineering units and more.

Alicat portable flow meter screen

Change units without a factory visit

Switch between units of pressure, temperature, volume, standard volume, or mass. The full list is on our Engineering Units page.

  • Volumetric, standard, or true mass flow: measure mass per unit of time (as in, g/hr) for any gas in the Gas Select table, or standard volume per unit of time (SCCM), or measure volumetric flow (CCM)
  • Change scale: such as from SCCM to Sm3/day
  • Change locality units: US to European, or vice versa (as from SCFM to SLPM)
  • Match another STP standard: from “standard metric” (SLPM) to “normal metric” (LnPM)

Improved user interface

  • “Free range” STP: Enter any STP for your operating conditions
  • More readable: Primary parameters in the center of the screen have a type label, beneath the number
  • Faster data rates, by filtering your data line queries down to your essential parameters, you’ll get more frequent updates
  • Input source: Controllers will take your setpoint input from either the local panel or through the serial port, without first switching the setpoint source. Both sources are active full time.
  • Totalizer’s remainder: For controllers with the totalizer option, the display shows both the remaining amount in the batch as well as the amount dispensed
  • Tare barometric changes: Portable meters with a barometric sensor (available only on new portables) will offer selections of barometric pressure, gauge stream pressure, and absolute stream pressure – and you’ll be able to tare to barometric pressure changes too. This can be critical in applications that are venting to (or drawing from) air, as local environmental conditions are then interactive with the system.

Can you get the update?

The new firmware is compatible with Alicat instruments of serial number 80,000 and higher, with a few rare exceptions (and configuration exceptions as noted above). Upon request, you can have your firmware updated at your instrument’s next annual recalibration. If you’re concerned that you may have one of the exceptions, our apps engineers can check for you.

The 6Vx firmware will be installed on new instruments shipped after March 3rd, 2016.

Contact an applications engineer for support

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