New LabVIEW Drivers for Alicat Instruments

Talking to your Alicat products digitally has just gotten easier. Whether you’re integrating an Alicat into a LabVIEW dashboard, or you’re using our FlowVision software to log, control or optimize your flows and mixes, the new updates available on the download pages are compatible with our new Gas Select™ 6v0 firmware update.

Alicat Scientific has released updated LabVIEW instrument drivers for its mass flow meters, flow controllers, and pressure controllers. These drivers are backwards compatible for older Alicat instruments, and one version works for all Alicat instruments except BASIS—which takes a separate download.

LabVIEW simplified virtual interface.

In addition to the LabVIEW dashboard, which presents the full set of controls and reporting, the suite also offers dozens of simplified virtual interfaces—if you just want to do one thing through LabVIEW, you only need to include one of the simplified interfaces in your LabVIEW dashboard.The virtual interfaces are individualized panels for controlling a smaller set of features. For example, there are simplified interfaces for functions like taring, assigning a setpoint, and datalogging.

Available for free download at, the new device drivers enable users to more easily develop control interfaces to Alicat instruments or integrate Alicat devices into existing LabVIEW programs. LabVIEW provides data collection from Alicat instruments, instrument control capabilities, and integration with other process instruments. Common functions include evaluating data in order to trigger events such as changes to setpoints or flow rates, gas selection, validation, and monitoring ongoing process data.

FlowVision software updated



If you have a new instrument, with the Gas Select version 6 software installed at the factory, or you recently sent an instrument in for calibration and the software was upgraded by the service department, and you have a license for FlowVision, you’ll want to download the latest software update at the web site.

Since the FlowVision software is backwards compatible, you’ll only need the one application for all instruments old and new.

FlowVision is our proprietary software interface for communicating with Alicat Instruments. You can use it to adjust PID settings, change or poll registers, program scripts for various instruments in a system, or log and plot data.

There are two versions of FlowVision: FlowVision SC communicates directly with multiple Alicat devices, and provides direct control of them. FlowVision MX configures up to six mass flow controllers within a gas mixing system.