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  • Maintaining cryogenic temperatures with pressure control

    Cryogens are substances that liquefy at or below 120 K under standard pressure (760 Torr). They are commonly used in applications to keep liquefied substances at extremely cold temperatures, including cryopreservation, rocket propulsion, and medical imaging. Two of the most well-know cryogens are liquid nitrogen and helium. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used for cold storage […]

  • Overcoming the challenges of high-speed aerodynamic tests using pressure control

    Aerospace development and testing applications often require high flow rates to pressurize large volumes. One example is in gas reservoirs, where the reservoir must be pressurized prior to conducting high-speed aerodynamic tests. Application requirements A customer approached Alicat looking to pressurize a 200 L gas reservoir to 1000 PSIG. The gas held in the reservoir […]

  • Veloce echelle spectrograph utilizes closed-volume pressure control

    Dr. James Gilbert Dr. James Gilbert was the technical lead for the Australian National University’s development of the Veloce echelle spectrograph, which is now installed on the 3.9-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. Veloce integrates a highly-customized Alicat closed-volume pressure controller for stable precision pressure control of air […]

  • Creating a vacuum using a dual valve pressure controller and the Venturi effect

    One of our customers needed a way to control the pressure in a reaction chamber between -200 to +200 cmH2O. While the customer’s building had an ample supply of compressed air, they had no vacuum source. Without suction, they were unable to reach negative gauge pressures. They reached out to Alicat in search of a […]

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