Tag: gas mixing

  • Mixing gases with versatile flow control

    Many applications require the use of custom gas mixtures. Pre-mixed gases are often purchased from compressed gas suppliers, however, it is also a viable solution to purchase pure gases and blend them yourself. Whether buying gases pre-mixed or mixing your own gas, there are several challenges to overcome. Here we discuss common gas mixing challenges […]

  • VICI makes air pollution analyzer calibrators using OEM mass flow controllers for gas mixing

    Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI) makes systems used to verify the accuracy of analytical data from air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and other gas measurement devices. Their Metronics Dynacalibrators® model utilizes Dynacal® permeation devices to generate and deliver very precise amounts of gas mixes using hundreds of different compounds. While the Dynacal […]

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