Alicat Scientific offers a variety of accessories and software to enable you to start using your new flow meter or controller out of the box on the day it arrives.

Flow Vision software


Alicat mass flow and pressure units come standard with Alicat’s integrated multi-drop RS-232 connectivity. (RS-485 is an available option, but not necessary to take advantage of Alicat’s multi-drop protocols.) Take advantage of this easy serial connection to your PC with the following software:

BB9 multi-drop breakout box

Multi-drop Breakout Boxes (BB9 Series)

Alicat’s BB9 Series of multi-drop breakout boxes allows the simultaneous connection of up to nine Alicat devices to a computer via a single communications cable and power supply.

Cables and Connectors

Connecting Cables

Alicat stocks many cable types and lengths to connect your Alicat to a computer or programmable logic controller and power supply.

Power Supplies

Power Supplies

There are many ways to power your Alicat. See our dedicated power supply offerings.

Alicat Fittings

Compression Fittings and Adapters

Alicat carries a full line of compression fittings and adapters to work with our flow and pressure devices. Click to find one for your Alicat.

Alicat In-Line Filters

In-line Filters

Alicat mass flow meters and controllers require gases to be clean and free from particulates larger than 20-50 microns. See our in-line filters that will help you keep your Alicat working smoothly.

Industrial carrying case

Industrial Carrying Case

Alicat’s industrial carrying case is an ideal storage or transport solution to safeguard your Alicat devices.

Alicat Local Setpoint Module

Legacy Accessories

Although Alicat is regularly innovating better flow and pressure solutions, we continue to support our customers who wish to stick with an earlier solution that still works for them.

  • Battery packs for use with Alicat flow meters and pressure gauges (superseded by our battery-powered portable MB, LB and PB series)
  • Local SetPoint Module (LSPM) for easy analog setpoint adjustments (superseded by our built-in IPC option for flow and pressure controllers)

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