Fittings and Adapters

Swagelok compression fittings may be used with any Alicat flow or pressure product that has been built with our standard NPT process connections. All compression fittings listed below are stainless steel.

Many customized process connections are also available for our instruments.

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1/8″ OD tube: SS-200-1-0157

1/4″ OD tube: SS-400-1-0256


1/8″ OD tube: SS-200-1-2

1/4″ OD tube: SS-400-1-2

3/8″ OD tube: SS-600-1-2

1/2″ OD tube: SS-810-1-2


3 mm OD tube: SS-3M0-1-2

4 mm OD tube: SS-4M0-1-2

6 mm OD tube: SS-6M0-1-2

8 mm OD tube: SS-8M0-1-2

12 mm OD tube: SS-12M0-1-2


1/8″ OD tube: SS-200-1-4

1/4″ OD tube: SS-400-1-4

3/8″ OD tube: SS-600-1-4

1/2″ OD tube: SS-810-1-4


3 mm OD tube: SS-3M0-1-4

4 mm OD tube: SS-4M0-1-4

6 mm OD tube: SS-6M0-1-4

8 mm OD tube: SS-8M0-1-4

12 mm OD tube: SS-12M0-1-4


1/8″ OD tube: SS-200-1-8

1/4″ OD tube: SS-400-1-8

3/8″ OD tube: SS-600-1-8

1/2″ OD tube: SS-810-1-8

3/4″ OD tube: SS-1210-1-8


6 mm OD tube: SS-6M0-1-8

8 mm OD tube: SS-8M0-1-8

12 mm OD tube: SS-12M0-1-8

16 mm OD tube: SS-16M0-1-8


1/4″ OD tube: SS-400-1-12

1/2″ OD tube: SS-810-1-12

3/4″ OD tube: SS-1210-1-12


12 mm OD tube: SS-12M0-1-12

16 mm OD tube: SS-16M0-1-12

410133 #10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT adapter

10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT Adapter

Part Number: 410133

Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers with full-scale ranges of 0-50 sccm or less ship with #10-32 UNF ports. We include stainless steel #10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT adapters with these instruments for greater flexibility in connecting to your process.

Note that using the #10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT adapter introduces additional dead volume on account of the wider tube size. For fastest flow response, use tubing sized for the #10-32 process connections.

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