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  • Rotameters vs. Alicats for bioprocessing

    Rotameters vs. Alicats for bioprocessing Flow meters are indispensable tools for bioprocessing, used to feed bioreactors and monitor critical process parameters. Here we provide a comparison of the operating principles and key features of two flow meter technologies: rotameters and Alicat mass flow meters. We then provide recommended use cases for each technology in bioprocessing […]

  • Ten parameters for choosing flowmeters

    10 parameters for choosing the optimal mass flowmeter for an application

  • Mass flow calibration where you need it
    A practical guide to flow calibration success

    This is an introductory guide to flow calibration success. It includes annual recalibration FAQ, calibration types, understanding calibration specifications, and relevant articles on the topic. Annual recalibration FAQ This FAQ shows the benefits of annual recalibration and answers your questions about our calibration solutions. Calibration types: NIST, ISO 17025, and A2LA We often receive inquiries […]

  • Selection guide for pressure

    The questions below can help you narrow down the many options Alicat has for pressure controllers and pressure transducers.