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Here, you’ll find current articles about flow measurement and control for a wide variety of applications and industries. If there’s a topic you’d like to see here, please get in touch.

  • Precise Mass Flow Enables Novel Pollution Sensing Technologies

    Alicat mass flow provides accurate control of gasses under test The growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) is driving the need for smaller and more ubiquitous sensors. Normally, one thinks of optical or electrical sensors in this context. This type of measurement has typically been in the province of automotive and process control industries […]

  • Alicat Partner PCT at CHEMUK Yorkshire May 1 & 2

    Premier Control Technologies –  Alicat’s UK sales and service partner –  will be exhibiting at the brand new CHEMUK exhibition at the YEC (Yorkshire Event Centre) in Harrogate, Yorkshire. CHEMUK is a two-day event taking place May 1st and 2nd, bringing together the multi-layer Chemicals/Chemical Product Development, specification and processing manufacturing communities with crucial supply chain […]

  • Alicat Whisper Mass Flow Meters Lend Precision to Fiber Optic Process

    Fiber optic cables are highly desired for their speed of transmission and are growing as an industry. However, the industrial furnaces used for glass manufacturing require stable and repeatable control of gas for melt and annealing processes. Preforms are the layered cylinders of glass, made on lathes using chemical deposition vapor flows, burners for heating […]

  • Alicat Python and Command Prompt Communication

    Setup Alicat Python and Python-driven command prompt (Windows Powershell) drivers have been developed principally by Pat Fuller at NuMat Technologies and are available for download from In order to run the command prompt/Powershell driver, Python will first have to be installed on the computer. The latest stable Python 3 release is the recommended […]

  • Lowered Cost and Increased Speed for Biologics Production

    With protocols for bioprocessing now firmly established, there is an increasing focus on reducing the cost of producing biologics, biosimilars, mABs and other modern medicines that require bioreactions. Producing these pharmaceuticals promises to revolutionize treatment of many difficult diseases, especially modern scourges that have been resistant to small molecule-based therapies. Focus on cost reduction and […]

  • Gas Flow Control for Bioreactors

    Optimizing Bioreactor Production Bioreactors are used in a growing number of applications, from producing bio-adaptive medicines or environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides, to brewing beer, refining ethanol and treating wastewater. The increase in biologics production and single use reactors has led to a need for even greater precision and flexibility in instrumentation. Alicat Scientific’s broad range […]

  • Alicat Scientific attending BioAsia 2019

    The BioAsia 2019 Life Sciences 4.0 Meeting is coming to Hyderabad, India from February 25-27 at the HICC. Alicat will be exhibiting our line of scientific flow control instrumentation at BioAsia for the first time inside the Scientific Enabler Pavilion Alicat has recently announced our upgraded mass flow controllers with dramatic improvements in precision, response […]

  • Precision pressure control for the Veloce echelle spectrograph

    This “Alicats in the Wild” blog post comes courtesy of our Australian distributor, Duff & Macintosh Pty Ltd. Dr. James Gilbert was the technical lead for the Australian National University’s development of the Veloce echelle spectrograph, which is now installed on the 3.9-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. […]

  • Alicat MCRDS high-flow bidirectional mass flow controller for corrosive gases, shown with optional color display
    Customer needs translate to improved products

    A guest blog from Andy Mangell. Andy is the sales director at Premier Control Technologies, a UK based process control technologies and products distributor which represents Alicat products. Andy has over 30 years of experience with pressure and flow control instrumentation. He can be reached at Alicat Scientific’s standard product line is fast, versatile and tough. Their […]

  • Improving flow data with faster flow measurement

    Our world is moving faster and flow processes are not immune to this. Newer industrial communications protocols can deliver flow data from hundreds of flow meters in less than a second. This increased speed of data acquisition can improve your process, but the speed of your flow sensor can improve the data itself. In this […]

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