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  • Improved Accuracy Specifications on Alicat Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

    Alicat devices are now more accurate & maintain accuracy to a significantly lower level than ever before. Improved Accuracy, Improved Resolution, and ±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale with new circuit board design provides an unprecedented new level of flow accuracy.

  • Alicat and KimPro Energy Partner on Innovative Solutions for Methane Emissions Measurement

    Alicat and KimPro Energy design advanced flow meters to help the oil and gas industry meet increasing government regulations. Tucson, AZ – March 24, 2020 Alicat combines forces with KimPro Energy to make fast, practical, and technologically advanced meters designed specifically for oil and gas emissions monitoring. In response to the global climate crisis, government […]

  • Alicat Enables Rapid Bioprocess Production Scaling With Fast Delivery

    Alicat Mass Flow Controllers Are Ready to Ship to Improve Capacity and Efficiency for Bioprocessing and Vaccine Production The story of the past decade in bioprocessing includes such milestones as the introduction of single-use technologies, higher speed data interfaces and specialized small scale bioreactors. However, production capacity always seems to lag behind demand. Bioreactors are […]

  • Fusion Flow Technologies Releases Its Revolutionary ‘MXM’ Dynamic Gas Mixing Platform

    The Fusion Flow Technologies MXM gas mixing system allows research laboratories, process facilities, equipment manufacturers and light industries to easily create precision, on-demand gas mixtures. Tucson, AZ – February 21, 2020 Fusion Flow Technologies, the newly formed turn-key solutions division of Alicat Scientific, Inc., is announcing the launch of its “Fusion Flow™ MXM” dynamic gas […]

  • Fusion Flow Technologies – Turn-Key Gas Mixing Solutions Customized For Industrial Use

    Makers of the ‘fastest mass flow controllers in the world’, Alicat Scientific, Inc. is launching Fusion Flow Technologies, a division devoted to customized, turn-key flow and pressure solutions. Tucson, AZ – February 21, 2020 Alicat Scientific, Inc., known worldwide for its high performance gas and liquid instrumentation, is announcing the creation of a turn-key solutions […]

  • Biosphere 2 scientists study the impacts of drought on tropical rainforests
    Biosphere 2 Scientists Study the Impacts of Drought on Tropical Rainforests

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TUCSON, AZ – The global climate crisis raises questions about what a hotter, drier world will mean the future of our plants, animals, and ecosystems. An interdisciplinary team of more than 80 scientists from around the world came together to conduct an unprecedented experiment tracking the impacts of drought and drought recovery […]

  • Absolute Pressure Control = Absolute Temperature Control

    Neil Hartmann, CTO   Alicat absolute pressure controllers enable direction of cryogen pressures ensuring precise temperature. Cryogens are loosely defined as gases which liquefy at or below 120°K under standard pressure (760 Torr).1 Cryogens are used for applications including cryopreservation, superconductivity and superfluidity. All of these applications share a need for temperatures under the previously […]

  • Mass flow pressure controllers in the automotive industry.
    Shaping a Paint Stream Using Mass Flow Pressure Controllers

    Automatic paint sprayers, like those used in the automotive industry, require a constant flow of gas and paint to evenly apply a coat of paint to a surface. While atomizing the paint, the amount gas and paint supplied to the electric field can be adjusted to shape the stream of paint. This creates a consistent, […]

  • Alicat Adds Custom SAE to Tri-clamp Adapters Enabling Bioreactor Flow Control

                  Specially designed SAE to Tri-clamp® adapters allow for easy adaption of Alicat BIO Mass Flow Meters and Controllers to customer control systems. Alicat, the world’s fastest flow controller company, now offers adapters designed to adapt BIO series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers to the popular Tri-clamp® system. The […]

  • Biosphere 2
    Biosphere 2 – Using Flow Measurement to Glimpse the Future

    As the Earth’s climate changes, it is expected that ecosystems around the world will be subjected to increased water stress and/or drought. It is difficult to forecast the range of impacts climate change will have on soil, air, and water quality. In 2019, a group of interdisciplinary scientists from around the world came together to […]

  • RS485 vs RS232 and what is right for you?

    There are many different serial interfaces but both RS232 and RS485 are some of the most popular. Even with dozens of new serial interfaces these are still the go to for many of our mass flow applications. Which interface is best for my application? The important differences between the two interfaces have to do with […]

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