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  • astronaut spacewalk at night from the dark side of the earth planet. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
    CODA Coriolis. Precision Measurement in Extreme Applications

    Alicat Scientific announces its Coriolis series of products  CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers for precision measurement in extreme applications  Tucson, AZ, 1 September 2020, Alicat Scientific, a division of Halma PLC, today announced the release of its CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers. CODA joins Alicat’s line of globally recognized mass flow and pressure instrumentation as a high precision, ultra-low flow solution capable of operating at high […]

  • Synthetic diamond making using CVD process
    Lab-Grown Diamond Production Using Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Lab-Grown Diamond Production The diamond industry represents a unique economic case study on how scarcity impacts price. For many years large diamond companies have been able to artificially stabilize diamond prices by controlling supply. Besides being used for jewelry, diamonds have a variety of industrial applications due to their chemical composition and tensile strength. High […]

  • Thin film coated optical filters
    Improving Vacuum Control for Sputter Coating

    Advances in thin film coatings have had a profound, if largely invisible, impact on virtually all areas of our daily lives. The improvements in thin film coatings are made possible by both widening the range of materials that can be used to create coatings, as well as improving the technology to deposit thin film layers. […]

  • Conductor Pressure Controllers for Semiconductor manufacturing
    Inchfab-A Case Study on Nanoscale Fabrication Systems

    The increasing demand for computing power over the last 60+ years has led to exponential increases in both device complexity and production volumes. The high cost and minimal flexibility of nanoscale fabrication has become a major barrier in many different markets for groups seeking to develop innovative devices. Inchfab’s novel platform of ultra-low cost, high […]

  • Conductor Pressure Controllers for Semiconductor manufacturing
    Alicat Scientific Announces Conductor Integrated Vacuum Pressure Controllers

    New line of fast responding, stable, and accurate pressure controllers Tucson, Arizona, May 27, 2020 Alicat Scientific today announces the launch of its new Alicat Conductor line of integrated vacuum controllers. These innovative pressure controllers offer greater stability and precision while maintaining Alicat’s signature speed in measurement and control. Each controller is designed with customer […]

  • Manufacturing medical devices, which requires precision mass flow calibration and measurement.
    Breathing Easy with Alicat Flow Controllers

    The Standard in Flow Controllers The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented challenges for modern medicine. Procuring and manufacturing the medical supplies needed for hospital staff to support the critically ill while protecting themselves from the disease has become a priority for governments everywhere. To meet growing demand, companies that manufacture ventilators are working hard […]

  • Air monitoring
    Alicat and KimPro Energy Partner on Innovative Solutions for Methane Emissions Measurement

    Alicat and KimPro Energy design advanced flow meters to help the oil and gas industry meet increasing government regulations. Tucson, AZ – March 24, 2020 Alicat combines forces with KimPro Energy to make fast, practical, and technologically advanced meters designed specifically for oil and gas emissions monitoring. In response to the global climate crisis, government […]

  • Alicat Enables Rapid Bioprocess Production Scaling With Fast Delivery

    Alicat Mass Flow Controllers are Ready to Ship to Improve Capacity and Efficiency for Bioprocessing and Vaccine Production The story of the past decade in bioprocessing includes such milestones as the introduction of single-use technologies, higher speed data interfaces, and specialized small scale bioreactors. However, production capacity always seems to lag behind demand. Bioreactors are […]

  • Piping
    Fusion Flow Technologies Releases Its Revolutionary ‘MXM’ Dynamic Gas Mixing Platform

    The Fusion Flow Technologies MXM gas mixing system allows research laboratories, process facilities, equipment manufacturers and light industries to easily create precision, on-demand gas mixtures. Tucson, AZ – February 21, 2020 Fusion Flow Technologies, the newly formed turn-key solutions division of Alicat Scientific, Inc., is announcing the launch of its “Fusion Flow™ MXM” dynamic gas […]

  • Piping
    Fusion Flow Technologies – Turn-Key Gas Mixing Solutions Customized For Industrial Use

    Makers of the ‘fastest mass flow controllers in the world’, Alicat Scientific, Inc. is launching Fusion Flow Technologies, a division devoted to customized, turn-key flow and pressure solutions. Tucson, AZ – February 21, 2020 Alicat Scientific, Inc., known worldwide for its high performance gas and liquid instrumentation, is announcing the creation of a turn-key solutions […]

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