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  • Improved Accuracy Specifications on Alicat Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

    Alicat devices are now more accurate & maintain accuracy to a significantly lower level than ever before. Improved Accuracy, Improved Resolution, and ±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale with new circuit board design provides an unprecedented new level of flow accuracy.

  • RS485 vs RS232 and what is right for you?

    There are many different serial interfaces but both RS232 and RS485 are some of the most popular. Even with dozens of new serial interfaces these are still the go to for many of our mass flow applications. Which interface is best for my application? The important differences between the two interfaces have to do with […]

  • Automated Glass Production

    Glass production has quietly moved into the modern age; many processes, from gob formation to glass shaping now take advantage of modern control systems to improve performance and ensure quality. Mass flow controllers and meters are used at many stages of production (see our glass manufacturing industry page ) to ensure precise delivery of process […]

  • Alicat Supports 2020 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry

    The 2020 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry is coming to Tucson, Arizona from January 13-18 at the El Conquistador resort. This conference will feature the latest developments in plasma spectrochemical analysis utilizing inductively coupled plasma, DC plasma, microwave plasma, glow discharge and laser sources. Alicat has recently announced our newest mass flow controllers with dramatic […]

  • Mass Flow Control Enables Chocolate Aeration

    Alicat products being used in the chocolate industry? Aerated chocolate is increasingly popular because of its particular mouthfeel; bubbles with chocolate. So how are bubbles typically added to chocolate? The process involves high performance mass flow control. Bubbles are formed when high pressure gas is injected into liquid chocolate for aeration. The gas used is […]

  • Brewing with Alicat

    For many people around the world who consume alcohol, beer is the drink of choice. Whether ale or lager, bubbles of carbon dioxide can be the not-so-subtle difference between a refreshing pint and a flat disappointment. The average beer drinker may know when their suds’ carbonation is just right, but they might not know the […]

  • Certifications for Elastomeric Components in Bioprocessing

    An Explanation of Common Certifications for Elastomeric Components   The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has periodically published standards for Bioprocessing Equipment, with the latest edition being published in 2016 (BPE-2016).1 These standards clearly recommend that only certain materials be used in bioprocessing. Use of 316L stainless steel is commonplace in bioprocessing. Ensuring that […]

  • Alicat vs. Truck

    co-author: Ryan Barner, European Area Manager It isn’t every day an Alicat Flowmeter takes on a truck approximately 10,000 times it’s size. During a delivery mishap, an innocent Alicat was literally run over by a delivery truck – see photographic evidence below. Upon further analysis, multiple components were bent and/or damaged by the incident; the […]

  • Setpoint Ramping: The latest improvement to flow control

    What is setpoint ramping? Setpoint ramping is one of Alicat’s latest mainline functions to be added with the recent product upgrade. With setpoint ramping you can set a maximum speed at which a mass flow or pressure controller flows until the setpoint is achieved. Typically, ramps have been programmed through PLCs (programmable logic controllers), but […]

  • Alicat Scientific is proud to announce a new representative: Indusa PR

              “Alicat is excited to have a knowledgeable and respected partner in Indusa” said Mic Chaudoir, market manager for Alicat. “Indusa has an impressive organization and a passion for customers that mirrors our own. We look forward to working with them to serve the beautiful island of Puerto Rico” Indusa and […]

  • Enabling Oxygen Concentration Fuels Glass Production

    co-author: Neil Hartman, CTO Alicat mass flow instruments enable industrial oxygen production for precise control of glass shaping and melting   Many high technology applications ranging from chemically hardened glass production to fiber optic cable generation benefit from oxygen concentration technology. Pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentration systems allow for the replacement of more expensive and […]

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