Bioprocessing & Bioreactors

Scalable mass flow control for bioreactor and fermenter applications

As your process moves rapidly from R&D through to full scale production, repeatable bioprocessing is crucial for successful production of biologics and biosimilars. Robust process control creates consistent bioreactor and fermenter yields, and easy integration with a Pharma 4.0 setup can ensure data integrity while smoothing the transition through process development stages.

Flexibility, redundancy, and easy servicing minimize downtime. The ability to use a single device for multiple gases at multiple flow rates without requiring recalibration means that the device footprint stays small without any loss of capability or accuracy.

Bio-Series flow controllers for bioreactor applications

Speed at every stage: getting drugs to market, fast

Alicat devices have millisecond warmup and response times. Zero calibration drift means that servicing times stay at a minimum. When we work with you to create devices suited precisely to your system, the turnaround time is weeks or days, never months.

Capitalize on our experience in R&D through GMP production to design a flexible, configurable flow control system, customized for your needs.

  • Built with your preferred industrial protocols and Pharma 4.0 in mind
  • USP Class VI elastomers and 316L stainless steel
  • Wide-range flow rates eliminates unnecessary piping, while gas select enables exchange of controller gasses without re-calibration or loss of accuracy

Knowledge Base: Bioprocessing Applications

Optimizing Bioreactor Production

Bioreactors are used in a growing number of applications, from producing bio-adaptive medicines or environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides, to brewing beer, refining ethanol and treating wastewater. The increase in biologics production and single use reactors has led to a need for even greater precision and flexibility in instrumentation.

Increased Speed for Biologics Production

With protocols for bioprocessing now firmly established, there is an increasing focus on reducing the cost of producing biologics, biosimilars, mABs and other modern medicines that require bioreactions. Producing these pharmaceuticals promises to revolutionize treatment of many difficult diseases, especially modern scourges that have been resistant to small molecule-based therapies. Focus on cost reduction and improved speed has centered on two promising developments: single-use and continuous bioreactors.

Leak Checking for Single-Use Bioprocessing

A revolution in bioprocessing is underway in the form of single-use technologies.  Single-use offers the promise of lower costs, improved flexibility and shorter cycle times.  But what happens when a single-use bag or component fails? System integrity is critical for any bioprocess, but traditional methods using pressure-decay measurements may fail to ensure the system is free of leaks.

mfc bioprocessing flow control

Application Notes: Gasification

Alicat Scientific Mass Flow Controllers can be used in multiple areas of the gasification process: combustion, cleanup bioreactors, safety, and quality control – leading to more efficient production, redundancy between units and extremely fast control. Alicat’s MCR flow controllers with near-frictionless Rolamite proportional control valves rapidly and precisely control flow rates up to 5000 slpm.

Mass Flow Considerations for Wastewater Treatment

Improvements of water quality and efficiency of treatment can be improved with the latest bioprocess controls and bioreactors.  Pressure control can also play a role in helping obtain maximum efficiency. Whether using corrosion resistant mass flow controllers or high accuracy smart pressure controllers, Alicat has a solution to improve your wastewater bioreactor controls.

Water being filled into treatment tank for hydrotesting
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