Top Features of Alicat Instruments

Alicat flow and pressure instruments are designed with a variety of features to improve process monitoring and control. The following features are

Features of Laminar DP Mass Flow Instruments

Easy to use, multivariate meters and controllers

Flow over 98 and 20 custom gas mixtures

Note: Custom gas calibrations are available upon request.

Features of All Alicat Flow and Pressure Instruments

User adjustable measurement and control

The following features are available for all flow and pressure controllers.

Totalizer, min/max tracker, and batch control

Monitor valve performance and set alarms to improve control

  • Monitor valve drive (0-100%) to detect changes in differential pressure across the valve. This is a useful diagnostic tool, able to detect changes caused by debris entering the system or changing inlet/outlet pressures. Valve drive percentage can be added to the main screen during quoting, or through the device’s menu on devices with 9v firmware and above.
  • Utilize valve close/open override alarms to control the state of the Alicat instrument. If the valve open pin on the Alicat is grounded, the device will override normal closed loop control logic and open the valve to 100%. This can be useful in situations where you may want to vent a process. If the valve close pin is grounded, the device will override normal closed loop logic and close. This can be useful in situations where something downstream of the device needs the flow to stop.

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