Video: How gas totalizer on mass flow controller works

How gas totalizer on mass flow controller works

Mass flow totalizing is used for measuring how much accumulated mass of a particular gas (or gas mixture) has been flowed in a process, where a meter alone will measure the rate of flow at any given moment. Alicat mass flow meters have a totalizer function option, which can be great for monitoring processes.

On a mass flow controller, the totalizer option can be used to dispense a set amount of gas, since the meter is equipped with a high precision, fast-response valve. Mass totalizer dispensing is used in bio-reactors, micro-flow dispensing in pharmaceutical testing and production, fermentation and even high altitude ballooning. This video is a how-to navigate the menus using the built-in display and user interface for changing parameters and resetting the totalizer. Alicat mass flow instruments can also be controlled through serial communications or industrial protocols.

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