Electrical Connectors and Pinouts

Connecting your instrument to power and communications

Whether you have a favorite connector type or have standardized on a pinout from another company, it’s easy to get to the right connector. Aside from industrial protocols that require specific connectors, most Alicat instruments come with our default 8-pin min-DIN connector and barrel-type power jack. Other options include locking circular connectors and power jacks, 9 and 15-pin D-sub connectors and RJ-45.

If you don’t see your desired connector or pinout below, please contact us so we can get you what you need.


8-pin and 6-pin Connectors
  • 8-pin mini-DIN with barrel-type power jack, default for most instruments (8-pin pinout)
  • 8-pin mini-DIN and 6-pin locking industrial connector with barrel-type power jack (I 6-pin pinout)
  • 6-pin locking industrial connector without power jack (IO)
  • 8-pin threaded M12 connector with locking industrial power jack (M12-IPJ)
  • 8-pin threaded M12 connector without power jack (M12O)
Industrial Sensor Connector (EXTSEN units only)
  • 8-pin mini-DIN with barrel-type power jack, plus dedicated 4-pin locking industrial connector for communications with the external sensor (ISC)
9-pin and 15-pin D-sub Connectors
  • 9-pin D-sub connector with barrel-type power jack
    • Alicat default 9-pin pinout, female connector (DB9)
    • Alicat 9-pin pinout, male connector (DB9M)
    • Aera®-style 9-pin pinout (DB9A)
    • Bronkhorst®-style 9-pin pinout (DB9R)
    • MKS®-style 9-pin pinout (DB9K)
    • P-Nucleus®-style 9-pin pinout (DB9N)
    • Tylan®-style 9-pin pinout (DB9T)
    • Unit®-style 9-pin pinout (DB9U)
  • 15-pin D-sub connector with barrel-type power jack
    • Alicat default 15-pin pinout, male connector (DB15)
    • Aalborg®-style 15-pin pinout (DB15A)
    • Brooks®-style 15-pin pinouts (DB15B and DB15O)
    • Hastings®-style 15-pin pinout (DB15H)
    • MKS®-style 15-pin pinout (DB15K)
    • Sierra®-style 15-pin pinout (DB15S)
  • 15-pin IP67 D-sub connector without power jack (Legacy support only)
    • Alicat default high-density 15-pin pinout (DB15HD)
M12 Locking Connectors
  • M12 locking connector only
    • Alicat default 8 pin pinout, male connector (M12O)
Other Connectors
  • Single 8-pin RJ-45 connector with barrel-type power jack (RJ45)
  • Connector pinouts for DeviceNet
  • Connector pinouts for PROFIBUS
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