Where can I find supporting download files?

Find supporting downloads such as GSD files here.

Which products can have PROFIBUS installed?

PROFIBUS is available on most of Alicat mass flow and pressure devices:

Exceptions (incompatible with PROFIBUS):

How does PROFIBUS change instrument specifications?
  • Alicat part number: -PROFIBUS
  • Electrical connections: 9-pin D-sub Profibus connector next to a 4-pin M8 connector for RS-232 communication and power
  • Additional power requirement: 120 mA
  • Software compatibility: Serial terminals (Alicat Terminal, HyperTerminal, PuTTy); FlowVision 2.0LabVIEW
  • Max number of devices on network: 125
Which connector do I use to power the PROFIBUS device?

By default, the M8 connector is used to provide power. If the device was ordered with the power over PROFIBUS (POP part number) option in which you will use the DB9.

Do I still have a choice of gases and gas mixes on PROFIBUS instruments?
  • Gas instruments with DeviceNet have the full Gas Select™ list of gas calibrations.
  • Composer™ gas mixing firmware is not accessible over PROFIBUS communication. However, it is accessible on the front panel or over RS-232 on PROFIBUS-enabled devices.

How high-accuracy multi-gas calibrations work

How fast are communications with a PROFIBUS instrument?

The device supports all standard PROFIBUS baud rates, from 9.6 kbps to 12 mbps. Devices auto detect the baud rate when powered up.

What is the notification indicator LED?

The LED will light up green if proper PROFIBUS communication is established.

Can I update my existing instruments to have PROFIBUS?

No. PROFIBUS can only be ordered on new instruments due to the hardware and firmware requirements during installation.

What DP version is the Alicat device?


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