PCS–Series: Anti-Corrosive Differential Pressure Controllers

PCS-Series Anti-Corrosive Differential Pressure Controllers control the differential pressure between any two points in your process – for all non-corrosives, select corrosives, and a variety of liquids.
  • Aggressive gas compatibility. Wetted materials compatible with 32+ pure corrosive gases and most refrigerant gases, in addition to all non-corrosive gases and a variety of liquids.
  • Versatile control. Maintain differential pressure between any two points or keep one port open to atmosphere and control gauge pressure, with readings displayed in your choice of engineering units.
  • Fast & accurate. Reach pressure setpoints in milliseconds and maintain stable control, with NIST-traceable accuracy to ±0.125% of full scale.
  • Easy integration. Custom process ports and electrical connectors, and your choice of EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus (RTU and TCP/IP), or serial communications for easy integration into your industrial process.

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Accessories included with purchase

Device specs and customization options

Quick Specs
Differential PCS-Series performance
  • Available full-scale ranges: 5 PSID to 500 PSID
  • Steady state control range: 0.5% – 100% of full scale
  • Standard accuracy calibration, NIST-traceable: ±0.25% of full scale
  • Optional high-accuracy calibration, NIST-traceable: ±0.125% of full scale
  • Repeatability: 0.08% of full scale
  • Typical control response time: as fast as 30 ms
  • Warm-up time: <1 s
Differential PCS-Series operating conditions
  • Compatible fluids: All non-corrosive gases, select corrosive gases, and chemically compatible liquids
  • Operating temperature: –10°C to +60°C
  • Max common mode pressure: 3x full scale (1.5x full scale for 500 PSID devices)
Device Ranges & Full Specs

Devices are custom ranged from 5 PSID full scale to 500 PSID full scale with controllable ranges of 0.5% to 100% of full scale.

For a comprehensive device guide, read the pressure controller operating manual.

Device Features
Included with each device
  • User changeable units of measurement: Change the unit of measurement for pressure from our extensive list of engineering units.
  • Monochrome backlit LCD with integrated touchpad: Easily read measurements using the backlit display and control configurations with the user-friendly integrated touchpad.
  • User adjustable setpoint ramping & limits: Configurable ramp rates allow the process variable to be controlled as fast or as slow as desired, and configurable setpoint limits protect processes from inadvertent setpoint changes.
  • Valve close override and valve open override: Utilize alarms to quickly vent your system or stop all flow as needed.
Request at time of purchase | Additional cost
  • Optional integrated potentiometer control: Use the integrated potentiometer to adjust setpoints with the simple turn of a knob.
Device Customization Options
Build and performance options
  • Communication protocols: Analog, RS–232, RS–485, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Displays: Backlit monochrome or color; integrated or panel–mount
  • Process connections: NPT, SAE, AN, BSPP/G, compression, VCR, or VCO fittings
  • Wetted materials: 316L stainless steel; FFKM standard, FKM, or EPDM as needed for some gases
  • Calibration: High-accuracy; custom calibration points
Valve options & PID tuning

Your pressure controller may be customized with one of the following valving options to ensure optimal performance under your expected process conditions.

  • PC: small proportional control valve for flow ranges of 20 SLPM and below
  • PC with PCA designation: high-performance proportional control valve used for applications with higher pressures
  • PCH: hammerhead configuration, which pairs two small valves working side-by-side as one valve
  • PCR: nearly frictionless large Rolamite proportional valve for flow rates of 50 SLPM and above

Note: Certain gases (including SO2 and Cl2require PC with PCA designation.

Custom PID valve tuning ensures maximum performance for your specific process conditions.

Optional Accessories
Accessories | Sold separately
  • Process port fittings and filters
  • Power supplies
  • Communications cables and conversion cables
  • BB3 and BB9 multi-drop breakout boxes

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