EPC–Series: OEM Electronic Pressure Controllers

EPC-Series OEM Electronic Pressure Controllers deliver fast and accurate gauge or absolute pressure control in a compact, highly customizable package for easy integration into OEM applications.
  • Accurate, repeatable control. High performance at a reasonable price, with NIST-traceable accuracy of ±0.125% of full scale and repeatability of ±0.08% of full scale.
  • Responsive. Industry-leading control speed and adjustable PID valve tuning ensure your product operation is not interrupted by pressure spikes.
  • Custom configurations. Custom valves, ports, sensors, and communications to precisely suit your product design and application requirements.

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Accessories included with purchase

Device specs and customization options

Quick Specs
EPC-Series performance
  • Available full scale ranges:
    • Absolute: 15 PSIA to 500 PSIA
    • Gauge: 1 PSIG to 500 PSIG
  • Steady state control range: 0.01% – 100% of full scale
  • Calibration accuracy, NIST-traceable: ±0.125% of full scale
  • Repeatability: ±0.08% of full scale
  • Typical control response time constant: as fast as 30 ms
  • Warm-up time: <1 s

*Negative gauge pressure readings (to –15 PSIG) can also be included in gauge ranges.

EPC-Series operating conditions
  • Compatible gases: All non-corrosive gases
  • Operating temperature: –10°C to +60°C
  • Burst pressure: 3x full scale
Device Ranges & Full Specs

Gauge devices are custom ranged from 1 PSIG full scale to 500 PSIG full scale, and absolute devices are custom ranged from 15 PSIA full scale to 500 PSIA full scale. All devices have a controllable range of 0.01% to 100% of full scale.

For a comprehensive device guide, read the electronic pressure controller operating manual.

Device Customization Options
Build and performance options
  • Communication protocols: analog, RS–232, RS–485, Modbus–RTU
  • Process connections: NPT, SAE, BSPP
Optional Accessories
Accessories | Sold separately
  • Process port fittings and filters
  • Communications/power cables

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