Ambient Air Monitoring

Fast Flow Standards for Ambient Air Monitoring

Accurate flow measurement is critical to any ambient air monitoring process. If you don’t know how much air has passed through your filter or analyzer, you cannot determine the concentration of pollutants in that air sample.

Alicat’s portable flow standards are accurate and repeatable instruments that make your flow audits and calibrations faster and easier. Calibrate a wide range of instruments with a single Alicat, and reclaim the rest of your day thanks to instant readings throughout the entire flow range. NIST-traceable factory calibration and a lifetime warranty complete the worry-free Alicat experience.

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Calibrate Particulate Matter Air Samplers

Audit PM10 and PM2.5 air samplers in any weather. Cold weather, humidity and wind gusts all wreak havoc on your ability to accurately audit your outdoor PM air samplers. Alicat’s FP-25BT mounts directly to your FRM or FEM air sampler to negate the effects of wind gusts, and its internal sensors are accurate from -30°C to +60°C and 0-100% RH. Its weatherproof construction is ready for snow, sleet and rain, but you can stay indoors thanks to a Bluetooth antenna that is strong enough to go through a steel shipping container. Bluetooth communications also means you’ll climb ladders less during BAM and TEOM flow calibrations.

Calibrate Gas Analyzers

Instantly verify sample flow rates for a wide range of gas analyzers. The valve mechanisms of positive displacement flow meters create pressure waves and inaccurate readings at low pressures. Alicat’s Whisper-series portable flow standards (MWB series) have no moving parts, so the only changes to the flow readings are those caused by your analyzer. This lets you detect and troubleshoot oscillating pumps before they become a problem.

Calibrate gas analyzers with an Alicat MWB mass flow standard
Calibrate MFCs inside gas dilution calibrators with an Alicat MWB mass flow standard

Calibrate MFCs in Gas Dilution Calibrators

Complete a 20-point MFC flow calibration in minutes, not hours. The low-flow mass flow controllers inside gas dilution calibrators take a long time to calibrate with a positive-displacement meter. Alicat’s Whisper-series portable flow standards (MWB series) instantly measure all flow rates, even flows below 1 ml/min. Their wide turndown (200:1) means that you can comfortably use a single 200-sccm Whisper to calibrate both 200-sccm and 100-sccm MFCs down to 5% of their ranges.

Set Volumetric Flow Rates for Air Sampling Canisters

Adjust the mechanical flow controller of an air sampling canister with minimal equilibration time. Most flow meters are slow to equilibrate to new flow rates. This can make the simple adjustment of the flow controller set screw of a SUMMA or TO-Can canister an arduous process. Alicat’s Whisper-series portable flow standards (MWB series) have extremely low pressure drop, so they respond rapidly to changes in flow rates, even at 0.5 ml/min. Low pressure drop also makes the Whisper nearly invisible to your canister, ensuring that your volumetric flow rates are also accurate.

Set volumetric flow rates for air sampling canisters with an Alicat MWB mass flow meter