Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Gas mass flow meters

Pressure based mass flow instrumentation for top performance.

0.6% of reading accuracy on most flow instruments.
4 ms response time.
No warm up.
Four process variables.
Built in display
Industrial protocols.
Pressure compensation.
Temperature compensation.
Wide dynamic flow ranges.

*see product brochures for full specifications*

Gas mass flow meters from Alicat are highly flexible instruments that can be used with many gases across a very wide range. Measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature in a compact device that will be the star of your lab.

The M series is suitable for most flow measurement applications, with models that can measure flow rates as high as 5000 slpm or as low as 0.0025 sccm. Choose an MQ when your line pressures are high (145-305 psig). The MW series is best for low pressure drop applications and for reducing pneumatic response time at flow rates of 50 scccm or less.

Each of the flow meter families above in a battery-powered portable configuration: MB series for typical applications. MBQ for high line pressures (145-305 psig) and MWB for low pressure drop applications.

Filter Characterization (M)

Characterize a filter’s flow versus pressure drop curve using a flow meter and pressure controller.

Monitoring and Recording Bioreactor Output (MW)

Quantify the mass output of bioreactors without inducing backpressure.

Faster Leak Testing (M)

Measure leak rates during leak testing with 5 ms speed of response.

In-House Flow Verification of a Gas Chromatograph (MB)

Check primary and by-pass flows to maintain optimal GC performance.

Calibration of an Air Sampling Canister (MWB)

Low pressure drop enables non-intrusive volumetric flow calibration.

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