Cleaning the outside of your device

To clean the outside of your device, use a gentle electronics cleaner and a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains or residues, apply isopropyl alcohol to the cloth.

The video below demonstrates how to clean the outside of your device.

Video transcript
A customer asks, “How do I clean my mass flow device?” First, get these items. To clean the outside of your Alicat and its ports, apply a gentle electronics cleaner to a lint-free cloth, and wipe down all surfaces. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove tough residues. Viscous oils, rust build-up and shredded teflon tape or other debris can clog the thin laminar flow elements or flow screens of your device and degrade its performance.
Do not open the flow body! This will ruin your calibration and void your warranty. Instead, contact Alicat to request a professional internal cleaning of your unit. Our service technicians will clean and recalibrate your device to restore its performance and accuracy.
Keep your Alicat in top-notch condition: Call Alicat or visit today!

Cleaning the inside of your device

Sometimes the inside of your device needs cleaning. This may be the case if bits of pipe tape become lodged in the laminar flow elements, or if dirty gases or liquids have entered your Alicat.

You should never open the flow body, because this will render your calibration invalid. Instead, call Alicat or visit to request a professional cleaning. Following the cleaning, we will recalibrate your device to keep it in tip-top operation.

Rolamite valve cleaning

You can, however, open up our large Rolamite valves to clean their belts and gratings of any debris or metal filings that have been captured by their strong magnets. This video shows you how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble a Rolamite valve in real time.

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