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High Accuracy CODA Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers

High Accuracy CODA Controllers control true mass flow at ±0.2% of reading. These controllers provide additional benefit for systems with corrosives or those under extreme pressure.
  • Versatile control. Control mass flow even when fluid composition is changing or unknown, with NIST-traceable accuracy to ±0.2% of reading and repeatability to ±0.05% of reading.
  • Robust material compatibility. Available with wetted materials that are compatible with a wide range of aggressive gases and liquids.
  • Insensitivity to external vibration. Inherent resistance to external vibrations mitigates environmental process disturbances.

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Device specs and customization options

Quick Specs
CODA KC-Series performance
  • Available full scale ranges: 40 g/h to 100 kg/h
  • Steady state control range: 2% – 100% of full scale
  • Accuracy calibration, NIST-traceable (liquid): ±0.2% of reading or ±0.05% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Accuracy calibration, NIST-traceable (gas): ±0.5% of reading or ±0.05% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Repeatability: ±0.05% of reading or ±0.025% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Zero stability: ±0.05% of full scale
  • Typical control response time: as fast as 500 ms
CODA KC-Series operating conditions
  • Operating temperature: –35 to 70°C (fluid); 0 to 60°C (ambient); consult Alicat for additional options
  • Proof pressure: 1500 PSIA most units; 200 PSIA for 40 g/h units; optional 4000 PSIA for ≥100 g/h
Device Ranges & Full Specs

Full scale flow rates range from 40 g/h to 100 kg/h with controllable ranges of 2% to 100% of full scale.

For a comprehensive device guide, read the CODA operating manual.

Build and Performance Options
  • Communication protocols: Analog, Modbus RTU over RS-232 or RS-485, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET
  • Process connections: female SAE (default), male VCR, female SAE, Compression, IGS-C Seal, IDEX (1/4-20 flat bottom female)
  • Displays: None or external
  • Wetted materials:
    • Standard: 316L stainless steel and FKM
    • Optional: FFKM, EPDM, PCTFE, 316L stainless steel metal seals; nickel alloy
  • Ingress protection options: IP40, IP65, IP66, IP67
Optional Accessories
Accessories | Sold separately
  • External display
  • Electrical connection cables

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