Portable Gas Flow Meters

Use high accuracy portable mass flow meters as transfer standards or to verify flow rates or system performance.

  • Serial communication and power over Micro-USB
  • Optional Bluetooth®
  • 98 pre-loaded gas calibrations – no change in accuracy
  • Measures mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, and pressure
  • 0.01-100% measurement range (10,000:1 turndown)


0.5 SCCM – 10,000 SLPM


60, 160, 320 PSIA

Available variants

Mass flow meter 100 SCCM

Portable Gas Flow Meters

Portable mass flow meter

MB Series

For most gas measurement

Standard portable

  • 98 pre-loaded gas calibrations
  • 0.5 SCCM – 1000 SLPM
  • 11.5 – 160 PSIA operating
  • ±0.5% of reading accuracy

Spec Sheets

Standard mass flow meter

MWB Series

For low source pressure

Low pressure drop

  • 98 pre-loaded gas calibrations
  • 0.5 SCCM- 1000 SLPM options
  • 60 PSIA max operating
  • ±0.6% of reading accuracy

Spec Sheets

      BIO series meter for bioreactors and fermenters

      MBS Series

      For corrosive gases

      Stainless steel

      • 130 gases, including corrosives
      • 0.5 SCCM – 10,000 SLPM
      • 11.5 – 160 PSIA operating
      •  ± 0.4% of reading and ± 0.2% of full scale accuracy

      Spec Sheets

      Portable mass flow meter

      MBQ Series

      For higher pressures

      Up to 320 PSIA

      • 98 pre-loaded gas calibrations
      • 0.5 SCCM – 1000 SLPM
      • 11.5 – 320 PSIA operating
      • ±0.5% of reading accuracy

      Spec Sheets

        Portable mass flow meter

        PCU Series

        Gas Flow Portable Calibration Unit

        3 high-accuracy meters

        • Industrial carrying case
        • Up to 500 SLPM
        • Up to 100,000:1 operating range
        • NIST-traceable calibration certificates
        • Easy push-connect or compression fittings
        • USB A-B cable for connection to a computer
        • Powered by 4 AA batteries or included AC/DC power supply adaptor
        • Please note: PCUs cannot recalibrate Alicat instruments. For annual recalibration, please send your Alicats to your local service center.

          Build Options for Portable Gas Meters

          Communication Protocols
          Serial communication and power over Micro-USB (default)
          Bluetooth® Low Energy (requires the Alicat Connect app and a compatible Android or iOS mobile device)
          Backlit monochrome or TFT color; integrated
          Process Connections
          10-32, NPT, SAE, BSPP, VCRM, VCO, Compression
          Ingress Protection
          IP40 default; IP66, IP67
          Humid gases
          Relative humidity compensation



          Portable Mass Flow Meters Operating ManualLatest – 10v firmware

          MB Series Operating ManualLegacy – 8v firmware (2020)

          MB Series Operating ManualLegacy – 9v firmware (2021)


          MB Series Brochure


          FlowVision 2.0

          Serial Terminal Utility

          CODA coriolis mass flow meter

          Liquid Flow

          Liquid flow controllers use either Coriolis or laminar flow technology to accurately control liquid flows across a wide range of applications.

          Dual valve pressure controller 5 PSIG

          Pressure Instrumentation

          Alicat offers pressure controllers for use in flowing, dead-ended, or vacuum applications.

          Custom Instrumentation

          Order mass flow controllers and meters custom-build to your specific application needs.

          Technical Reference

          Find guides, tutorials, pinout diagrams, and industrial protocol resources for your Alicat instrument.


          Graftel’s 9623 Model S LLRT flow standard (left) is used to calibrate other leak rate monitors that cannot leave site. Graftel’s current 9623 Model EV (right) with integrated air generator and internal battery operates with no power source.

          Verify sensor operation in nuclear leak monitoring equipment

          Smog and environmental pollution

          KimPro Energy monitors oil and gas methane emissions

          Bioprocessing mass flow controller

          Bioreactors and fermentation research

          Gas chromatography column inside a GC analyzer

          Verify and optimize gas chromatography processes

          FastTrack Ordering

          M/MC mass flow meters and controllers that ship in just 3-5 business days.
          Standard or High Accuracy
          Monochrome, Color, or None
          Analog, RS-232, RS-485, or Modbus RTU
          MD8, Locking Industrial, DB9M, DB15

          METER RANGES

          2 SCCM - 500SLPM


          2 SCCM - 100SLPM

          Service and Support

          Whether it is time for your instrument’s annual recalibration or your instrument needs a repair or upgrade,
          you can fill out the Service Request Form below, email us, call us, or start a live chat session to get the service process started.

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