FlowVision 2.0 FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions about FlowVision 2.0 software. If you are using legacy FlowVision SC software, go here instead.

Where do I download FlowVision 2.0?

Download FlowVision 2.0 for free here.

Where do I download .NET Core?

Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 downloads – 64 bit | 32 bit

How do I connect an Alicat device to FlowVision?

What do the “Failed to Establish Serial Port Connection” and “Access is Denied” errors mean?

This message occurs when multiple programs in Windows try to access the same serial port. For example, this error will show when FlowVision 2.0 is open and connected to serial port COM4, and you then try to connect to COM4 via another serial terminal application like Alicat Serial Terminal or PuTTY.

What do I do if my device cannot be found?

  • Check that all Alicat devices have a unique unit ID, so the computer can distinguish them.
  • Check that all devices are powered. A USB or serial port on a computer does not have enough power to power an Alicat device.
  • Check that the baud rate on the device and on FlowVision are the same.
  • Check that the COM port is correct in “Device Manager.”

How do I create a script in FlowVision?

How do I create a chart in FlowVision?

Is it possible to Start/Stop the measurement when you are in the Charts page?

  • To start/stop the chart polling without affecting the device measurement: Set the chart rate to 0 and press enter on your keyboard.
  • To start/stop the device polling without affecting charting: Enable Polling Control in the FlowVision settings, then (optionally) drag the device view below the chart and click the Pause/Resume Polling button.

When using “Save Image,” is it possible to set the green time marker and make the chart freeze so you can take the screenshot?

The chart can be effectively “frozen” by disabling the “Auto Track X” button which will continue to measure and chart new data but will not keep the X-axis synchronized with it.

The “Save Image” function always has a black background. Can I change this to white?

You can change from dark to light mode with the “disable dark mode” setting.

How do I set two time markers (one at the start and one at the end) and take a picture?

  • Toggle on the time range selectors on the chart.
  • The range selectors will be displayed and Auto Track X will be temporarily disabled.
  • Drag the range selectors to the start and end of the time span you want to zoom to, then click “Zoom to Selection.”
  • The chart will be zoomed to the selection. From here you can use the “Save Image” button as normal.

What is the purpose of “Log serial Data”?

When enabled, this feature will log the data received from a connected device into a .CSV file on your desktop. This data is generally used for debugging purposes. If you’d like a .CSV file of your device’s data output ,the Logs function is the best option as it will allow you to control the structure and timespan of the output.

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