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PB–Portable Differential Pressure Transducers

Digital differential pressure monitoring, anywhere you need it.


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Keep pressure validation processes as short as possible with an always-ready portable differential pressure transducer. Measure the differential pressure between any two points in your process. The two process ports connect to opposite sides of the differential pressure sensor; positive readings denote higher pressure at the left (upstream) process port, and negative readings denote higher pressure at the right (downstream) port. This differential pressure transducer can also double as a dead-ended gauge pressure transducer if you leave the downstream port open to atmosphere.

  • Fast & Accurate. Measure pressure with NIST-traceable accuracy and a response time of just 5 ms.
  • Easy to Use. As soon as you turn on the pressure gauge, it’s ready to display live pressure readings in your choice of engineering units.
  • Tough. Alicat pressure transducers are designed to be carried and can withstand drops if they should occur.

Available Ranges (see Part Numbers tab for stock ranges)

  • PB: max -100 to +100 psid, min -2 inH2Od to +2 inH2Od
  • PBS: max -100 to +100 psid, min -5 to +5 psid


  • Turndown ratio: 200:1
  • Standard accuracy calibration, NIST-traceable: +/- 0.25% of the full-scale range
  • Optional high-accuracy calibration, NIST-traceable: +/- 0.125% of the full-scale range
  • Repeatability: 0.08% of the full-scale range
  • Typical measurement response time constant: 5 ms (dependent upon line sizing and the volumes involved)
  • No warm-up time required

Operating Conditions

  • Compatible gas media: all non-corrosive gases (P/PS). Liquids and corrosive gases require an S-series device (PS).
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Burst pressure: 3x the full-scale range
  • Max common mode pressure: 200 psig

Model Variations 

  • Portable absolute or gauge pressure transducer (PB)
  • Aggressive gases (PBS, see below)

Corrosive Gases (PBS series)

Instruments in the standard PB series are also available with an optional “S” configuration (PBS) for use with liquids and corrosive gases. In this configuration, we upgrade the flow body and sensor to 316L stainless steel and the elastomers to FFKM.

Build Options

Performance Options

  • High-accuracy or custom calibration

Alicat’s PBseries is suitable for use with non-corrosive gases.

Differential Pressure:


Alicat’s PBS series is suitable for use with liquids and corrosive gases.

Differential Pressure:


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