Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution or to upgrade your existing liquid pump system to full automation, CODA pump devices feature easy installation and accuracy up to ±0.2% of reading.
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KG–Series Liquid Flow Pump Systems utilize a gear pump to create and control flow in an otherwise unpressurized system. This fully integrated system avoids the hassle of sourcing a pump and meter and developing a control system.

Full-scale flow range: 1 kg/h to 100 kg/h


KF–Series Pump Controllers easily integrate into your existing liquid pump setup. This highly compatible CODA meter with integrated PID control upgrades your current pump system to be fully automated without the need for a separate PID controller.

Full-scale flow range: 40 g/h to 300 kg/h


KG-Series and KF-Series include the following customizations:

  • Full-scale flow ranges: See above.
  • Communication protocols: Analog, ASCII and Modbus RTU over RS-232 or RS-485
  • Electrical connectors: USB-C and DB-15, M12
  • Optional: Integrated flow totalizers


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