Vacuum Meetings at the Sales ReCal Conference

At the Sales ReCal Conference, the annual meeting in the US with our US and Rest of World representatives, Mike Diaz headed up the Vacuum market breakout sessions. Here are his notes on what products are most preferred by the attendees for Alicat to introduce.

Engineering Requests (priorities)

(4) Metal Seals – Obviously a priority for me, but definitely a long-term project.
(2) EtherCAT – A current priority that should be complete by SVC.
(1) Auto tune – If we can incorporate custom tuning for Reactive Sputtering apps (fastest possible response), it could save a lot of headaches.
(1) Vaporizers / (1) Expanded gas list (corrosive vapors) – An entirely new Product Development project that would require a great deal of resources. That being said, I want one!