Three Mass Flow Control Solutions for Dark Labs

Mass flow control requires precision. When poor lighting prevents you from being able to monitor your process, you cannot maintain optimal accuracy and efficiency. At Alicat, we’re with you…even in the dark.

Color backlit mass flow controller display

Illuminated displays and tactile interfaces allow you to monitor and adjust mass flow control processes effectively, even under poor lighting conditions.

Backlit color TFT display

The most straightforward solution to mass flow control in poorly lit lab environments is to use a mass flow controller that has an illuminated display. Our color TFT display shows mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, pressure, temperature, setpoint and an optional totalizer simultaneously on a large 2.1″ diagonal backlit display. The adjustable backlight has 12 levels of variable brightness to achieve the optimal lighting balance for your environment. Like our standard monochrome displays, the buttons on our color displays are raised so you can fully operate the mass flow controller in absolute darkness. There is also a backlight toggle button to turn the backlight off while leaving the device in operation.

Remote backlit color display

Backlit color TFT remote display

Our backlit color TFT displays are also available in a remote display configuration. Here, the TFT is mounted inside a bezel with four mounting holes and connected to the mass flow controller by up to 12 feet of shielded ribbon cable. This affords convenient viewing of the display when the controller body is mounted in a place that is difficult to access.

LED-illuminated Local SetPoint Module

Alicat local setpoint module

LSPM Local SetPoint Module for controllers

If you already have a mass flow controller without an illuminated display, a convenient way to monitor and control your process in poor lighting is to connect it to Alicat’s Local SetPoint Module (LSPM). This add-on accessory provides a simple red LED-illuminated digital display and a control dial for easy analog setpoint control. The seven-segment LED display can show either the flow rate or the commanded setpoint via a recessed mode button. A tracking indicator turns red if the actual mass flow rate deviates from the setpoint by more than 2%. This is a simple solution for controlling and monitoring gas flow processes in poorly lit environments.

What are other ways that you have found to be effective in illuminating dark mass flow control environments? Let us know in the comments below!

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