Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Mass Flow Controllers

Gas mass flow controllers must be fast and accurate to establish stable flow. Our mass flow controllers reach their setpoints faster than any others, which enables them to suppress fluctuations in line pressure before they affect your process downstream. Customized valve options and factory PID tuning ensure that your MFC will perform well in your specific application.

Pressure based mass flow instrumentation for top performance.

  • 0.6% of reading accuracy on most flow instruments
  • 4 ms response time
  • No warm up
  • Four process variables
  • Built in display
  • Industrial protocols
  • Pressure compensation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Wide dynamic flow ranges

Standard configurations of MC Series are available to buy online.

Mass Flow Controller Series

MC Series Standard Gas Flow Controllers
MCQ Series High Pressure Gas Flow Controllers
MCW Series Low Pressure Drop Controllers
BIO Series Bioreactor Gas Flow Controllers
MCE Series Drop-in Replacements for Thermal MFCs
MCV Series Vacuum Controllers
BASIS Series Compact Controllers for OEM applications

Gas sparging for pH control (MC)

Control mass flow rates over a wide flow range with rapid adjustments to accommodate changing flow requirements.

Even Faster Leak Testing (MCW)

A “Whisper” mass flow controller that is set to control for pressure serves the functions of both a pressure controller and a mass flow meter in one device.

Gas Flow Control for Reactive Sputtering (MCV)

Precisely control the partial pressures of reactive gases in the vacuum chamber, and maintain tight shut-off under no-flow conditions with the pneumatic valve.

Flow Control for OEM Gas Analyzers (BASIS)

Small size, instant control readiness and dual communications make BASIS easy to build into end user products.

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