No flashlight required

“A moment of sudden realization, enlightenment, or inspiration.”
– Oxford English Dictionary

At Alicat, we’re always looking to improve our products for our customers. One early distinction in our instruments were those full-information, menu-driven, multi-parameter LCD displays on our meters and controllers. A new development is an illuminated backlight on our monochrome displays. With a new ON/OFF button centered under the Alicat logo, the choice will be at your finger-tips—turn the light on and off as desired. The backlight enhances screen legibility for any lighting condition. I guess you could say we have had a light bulb moment, literally.

Alicat backlit monochrome display

Alicat backlit monochrome display

The conventional monochrome display has become commonplace since the beginning of the digital age. The advantage to the use of the monochrome LCD—that it requires little power to run—is an abiding reason for its popularity. And, although extremely dependable, there is one obvious drawback to this simple black and grey monochromatic crystal: its lack of strong contrast means the screen is best read in well-lit situations and may not be ideal for darker surroundings.

To offset the contrast issue, Alicat has offered a Thin-film Transistor multi-color display option. It can be added to most Alicat products, and provides visibility in those hard to read situations. Additionally, the TFT presents vibrant, attention grabbing colors to the different parameters, warnings, and so on, on the Alicat screen. However, it is a more complex and expensive display that draws more power than a monochrome display. The added power draw means the TFT is not an optimal alternative for portable devices that are run solely off of battery power, but until now it has been the only illuminated choice for the multi-variate Alicat display. If you’re a longtime Alicat customer, you may be wondering what effect the new LCD will have on new purchases. Some of our products–for example, the Whisper products–will not be upgraded to backlit displays at this time. Download our FAQ sheet on backlit LCDs, so you can see what’s changed and what’s affected.

It’s a small thing, but the new backlight feature means you get highly visible contrast, whether your screen is monochrome or color. Now you can read the display from across a dark room or in broad daylight, regardless.

The light is in your hands. Will you have your light bulb moment today?